Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eating Out

So I did pretty good yesterday. I picked the higher of my choices but that was what I really wanted. I did add a ceasar salad I wasn't really planning on, but it was okay.

I had a little problem in the afternoon yesterday. I didn't do as bad as the day before but I still need to get a handle on it. Grace seems to be feeling better but we are going to try bathing her just a little bit earlier to see if we can avoid the over tired. Now that she is feeling better I am back to weening her, she did fine with the first nap and even asked for some milk this morning....well she pointed at it and drank it!

I got my 1 hour walk in yesterday and it felt SO good to get out! The rain even stayed away =) Today I have my second IMS treatment. I really hopes he tells me I can get back to the gym next week. I am going to take my measurements tomorrow and see if there are any changes from the 2 weeks I could get in at the gym...I doubt it but I had decided that I would take my measurement on the 1st of every month to track my changes. I am hoping that my treatment today doesn't mess with my WI tomorrow - I have been tracking since last hasn't been great but I am sticking with it! I was proud of myself for tracking over the weekend.... haven't done this in a while!

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  1. I just had the eating out conversation with a friend. We both agreed that we hate spending money to eat on foods that we don't really enjoy. We'd rather eat out less frequently but then get what we really want (and try to limit the portion size). Glad you found something that works for you!! Good luck at WI tomorrow - I'm off to mine in about 20 minutes...