Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hey Kids! My first 17 days went really well. I lost 8.4 pounds and 6.5 inches! I am so pleased with the way everything is going. Mind you I am a little over that right now as we wereaway from home for most meals this weekend and I did not make very good choices. I ate every chip I saw.....not very good. I also had a total breakdown at the mall today and pigged out at the chocolate place while I was by myself. I have not secret eaten since I started this and I am disappointed in myself. I cannot dwell on this, I must move forward and get myself back on track. I have tomorrow planned and can't see where I will have any problems. My bff and I are going to see Magic Mike tomorrow and I have decided I will be full before I go so I don't eat while I am there. Hubby and I are seeing Batman on Tuesday and we are going out for dinner first so I need to be really careful for tomorrow and Tueday during the day. Wednesday will be another difficult ngiht but I can pull it all together for Thuersday and Friday before we leave for a weeks holiday on Saturday!

I am trying to wrap my head around eating while on vacation. I think I have it figured out. I am just hoping to avoid gaining any weight. I do not expect to lose anything but if I can avoid gaining I am fine with it. The activity is going to be hard as we are camping and boating for the week. 

Any suggestions or tips for eating well while on vacation?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Indulgence

I forgot to blog the last few days. We had a blast at the wedding and I really enjoyed the weekend! I ate the best I could for the situations this weekend except for Sunday. My hangover left me eating everything in sight. I had a very hard time getting back on track - it took me until Monday. I took Sunday and indulged some craving I have been having - I figured I might as well satisfy so I can just get right back on track on Monday. I was really happy with myself on Monday for just getting back - I was even happier to get back to the gym! I am really loving how I feel right now.

The bottle of red wine I drank on Saturday night at the wedding and all the good food has me up a couple of pounds but I was expecting it so really I am not too upset. I wish I had gotten right back on track on Sunday but there is nothing I can do about it today except make sure I don#t let it happen again. I have some challenges coming up in the next week and I know it will effect my overall weight loss but I might want a piece of cake at the birthday party or a piece of dessert at the going away party and that is going to be an ongoing part off life where I need to learn to just have 1. The hubby and I also have a date on Tuesday to go and see Batman and dinner. I will be able to have some potatoe and red meat by then but I am sure it should not be prepared the way they will do it at the restaurant but I will do the best I can while still enjoying my life =)

I am really looking forward to Thursday and reporting my 17 day loss!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Love for The 17 Day Diet

Ok folks I am in love - with my new diet. I never thought I could do it but I am now down 7.1 pounds in a little over 1 week! I feel full, I have tons of energy and my hair and skin haven't looked this good in a while! If you are considering this diet, I would highly recommend it. It seems like it's a really hard diet but it isn't. It is very basic and quite tasty actually.

Today we went for a picnic at the beach for dinner - this was a bit of a challenge. We were with a group and they eat pretty crappy. I brought the veggies and there was roasted chicken so that is what I ate. I did look at the chips and buns but really I was fine without them, the chocolate cake thing on the other hand was a little bit harder. I really wanted a pice but wth the wedding on saturday I thought better of it and walked away.

It felt good today to get to the gym. I only managed 30 minutes on the treadmill but it is amazing what that can do for you. It just lifts my stress and I feel relaxed.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments lately! I wasn't sure I was going to have anyone reading after being away for so long!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My week just seems to be not going great. I am so crabby right now....I really just need to zen it out and take a deep breath. Let it go.

Ous stove is dying on us right now and we need to find a new one. Why does something always have to go wrong when you are just trying to save some money? It's like it is a rule!

I am extremely happy to say that I am down to 184.8! The lowest I have seen in a while - it feels so good. I have stuck to my diet and I feel relieved almost. It's so nice to see the scale move. I know the weekend is going to be hard - we have a wedding on Saturday and I am just going to enjoy myself. I know it will effect my numbers for 17 days but I am okay with it. I don't want to sit with a glass of water and no food on my plate.....I just want to enjoy myself without worrying. I am going to eat on plan for the rest of the day but then I am just going to enjoy seeing all my friends and eat what I want with a couple of drinks.

The crazy thing is I have not had a piece of junk food, chocolate, diet pop......nothing~! I am not really sure that I miss it all that much. Certain times I have felt like I would like it but I am not feeling deprived and I am really suprised by that. Talking with my father in law last night and he said that he couldn't do this because he couldn't have bread. I felt exactly the same way until I tried it....and honestly I don't really miss it. I haven't really been in a situation of a lunch out or dinner where I am avoiding something really good but I did eat a sandwich for lunch everyday and I am okay with not having it. I'm not saying I will never eat bread again but I will make it more of a treat than an everyday thing.

Monday, July 9, 2012

So Frustrating!

I had today all planned out. Work in the morning and then I would pick up Grace, come home eat dinner and then when Yvon got home we would all take off for haircuts. Well then Grace woke up with a rash so I decided I would make a doctors appointment. I make an appointment for 3:50 - finally at 5:15 we see the doctor and he tells me to keep what I have been doing.....So annoying. It just put everything off and I did not get to eat an on plan dinner as we ate in the car and quickly. I was happy that I didn't slip into old habits and end up at a drive-thru but peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat is not what I had planned. I did get a carrot in there and lots of water! I am looking forward to the end of my period so I can really see the difference in the water retention. I am down a total of 4.4 =) So happy with the quick results but I am afraid I won't see a change tomorrow. I know why but I really like seeing that number change. Well a girl can hope! I am not sure how often I should be taking my measurements - I think after 17 days I will take them again. I am so looking forward to those changes too!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Update

Well I am very proud to say that I have stuck with it! Today I did vary of course for one part of one meal. We did had a lovely picnic at the spray park near our house. I did not want to take salad and chicken with me so I made myself a peanut butter and jam sandwich just like everyone else. This has been the only part on this diet where I have varied from what I am to eat. This is a first for me - with the flexibility of Weight Watchers I still ate crap as long as it fit into my points. With no points to count or calories I am just limited to what I can have. I am finding this easy and I really feel great. I even started my period and don't really feel too crappy. I did have a couple of moments where I really wanted to just grab soemthing crappy to eat - I did not! And in 6 days I am down 3 pounds! I think seeing the results so quickly is really helping me to keep on track and to stay motivated.

I have been doing pretty good with my activity but I can definately see room for improvement. With all the stress at work and the regular stress of owning a home and having a family I need to make time for myself. Time for me is really important, to help kee me sane and to help keep me healthy. Today I took some time and went shopping while Grace napped and it felt good to get out by myself and be on my own time. No schedule to stick to just me wandering. This was also a bit of a test for me - I am a secret eater. I used to go to the mall and get 2 cookies from Mrs. Fields, a chocolate bar and a pop - sometimes I would even have secret McDonald's......This is hard to write. I am embarassed to remember myself stuffing my face while I was out alone so no one could say anything. I am not saying I will never have cookies or anything again - just not like that. Nothing about food should be a secret or snuck unless it is a "secret family recipe".

On the lighter side - Grace and I spent the day at my parents on Friday where Grace ran through the "pinkle" for the first time!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Better Day

Today was much better and NO HEADACHE!!!!!! I am so happy to finally be past that point and I am really feeling good. The food gets a bit boring but that is what is like with any diet, the best part, it is only 17 days and then I get to switch it up a bit =) I really like the idea of this diet, I like the fact that I can go back to this cycle to help restart things.

I have been getting my activity ramped up again. I tried to start running but I find it really hard to find the time. I was waking up at 5 and going but I was just too tired and I couldn't keep it up. I was happy to get back to the gym this week and I got out for a couple of walks at lunch and after dinner. It is so beautiful here right now! I cannot wait to spend this weekend outside =)

Here is a picture of Grace enjoying the sun and her pool!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 3

A long day today. I ate really well during the day and then I did soemthing to my dinner and I just couldn't finish it. I don't know what it was but it just turned my stomach.....

We took our daughter to feed the ducks today and we got eaten alive by mosquitos! I hate mosquitos! I am happy that summer has finally arrived here in Vancouver! The weather has been horrible up until yesterday - I guess I will just have to deal with the mosquitos!

My headache is not going away so I am going to go now - more tomorrow.....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 2

Good again! I ate a little differently today and ended up hungry at the end of the night.

 I had 2 eggs and 2 egg whites with 2 slices of fat free cheese and an apple
No snack
Lunch was 0% Greek Yogurt with Strawberries and Raspberries
Dinner was salad with turkey and fat free dressing
Last snack was yogurt with a little bit of vanilla

I am not sure if I can have vanilla but I needed something to sweeten it - plain yogurt is just not good. I was feeling quite hungry when I ate and then it just seemed to get a bit worse so I really needed that snack! I ate too small of a lunch and that was a mistake. I find when I get too hungry I have a hard time getting full. I must be more aware tomorrow and aim for a bigger lunch. I have not jumped on the green tea band wagon yet, I don`t like tea so I have just been trying to drink a lot of water. It gets kind of boring but I was down about 1 pound in the first day so I think it is really going to be worth it!

The reason I started this is that we are going to a wedding on the 14th of this month and while trying to be budget friendly I found an old dress in my closet - I could barely get it zipped. I am hoping this will make the dress more comfortable and me more comfortable with how I look. I was just going to do the first 17 days for this wedding but I have decided that I will just keep going. I really want to lose some weight before I get pregnant again and we are planning for September/October to start trying. It seem kind of weird to try and lose weight when you are just going to be putting it back on but this time I do not want to be 200 pounds when I deliver.

Well it is time to relax!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

17 Day Diet - Day 1

So I stuck to the meal plan today and I was very suprised that I am full and feel good. I was not thinking I would feel full and I was pretty sure I would be really crabby. I am happy to say I was wrong. I feel good with all of the veggies I have eaten today and some really good protein.

I had 1 egg and 2 egg whites with a slice of fat free cheese and an apple
for snack I had mixed berries
lunch was broccoli slaw with tuna and fat free italian dressing
other snack was 0% plain greek yogurt with sugar free strawberry jam
and finally dinner was roasted turkey breast with mixed veggies and some fat free ranch dressing

Doesn't seem like a lot but it really seems to have been enough. I want 2 eggs and egg whites tomorrow and I think I will try and switch up my snacks. Not too sure what I will do but I will try something a little different.

I will let you all know how it goes ;)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Something New

Well folks I have been struggling. I have not been doing what I need to so I have decided to try something new. Tomorrow I officially start "The 17 Day Diet". I have had the book for some time now but I was not going to go through with it - it was too restrictive for me. Well maybe that is just what I need.

It is a really interesting plan and I can tell that if I follow this I will be successful. I have been running around half assing everything and it has gotten me nowhere. I have gained weight! I am currently 190.9 - ugh! Well I am hoping that I can find the time at night to bog about my experience with my "something new".