Wednesday, March 9, 2011


There are so many choices in one day, in one hour. I woke up this morning and chose to make better decisions. So far I have had a good breakfast and have my snack planned. I have also planned a nsack for right before my workout so I don't get out of control hungry on the way home. I come home and have to put Grace down for her nap before I can have lunch and I am hoping this will help. I am really looking forward to my workout. The weather is not very nice today but I think I might walk to my inlaws anyway. I need to stop being fairweather - I have a a rainsheild for my daughter and a little bit of rain is not going to kill me.

I have also decided to bring the scale out of the closet, I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday but I think I need it to help get me back on track. I will put it away again when I seem to have gained my footing.


  1. Choices are overwhelming! But planning is always a good idea.

  2. Lots and lots of choices in a day! Take one at a time. But the choice to make better decisions is a great one!