Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you fall....get back up!!!!!!

So I fell yesterday...into the remaining peanut butter eggs in the bag =( But I got back up and  dusted the chocolate peanut butter crumbs off and ate well for the rest of the evening. I don't know what it was but all of a sudden I found myself out of control - the excuses I have come up with so far are:

1. Grace only took at 30 minute nap after a long and fussy monring, she is no eating well because she is not feeling well!

2. I am nursing more again because she has not been eating or drinking enough.

3. I was exhausted!

So now that I have the excuses out of the way, I must move on. I forgot to mention yesterday that I have signed myself up for a learn to run class - I have prepaid for my stroller classes but I have not been able to use all my credit so she is going to transfer it to this for me. I am not sure yet when it starts but I am really excited to do something new!

Today I have lunch with my boss - she wants to go over a few things with me before I come back...maybe she wants to give me a raise =p I have been looking at the menu for the restaurant that we are going to and there really are not any good options! I can't believe how much fat is in their salads! I think I know what I will get, it is one of the better options. I have 2 that I am trying to decide between that won't be too bad. It is an ugly day out but I am going to bundle up and walk to the inlaws for dinner tonight anyway. I need to get over my aversion to rain - I live in rains all the time~!

I also want to say congratulations to my Canucks! They clinched the Western conference title last night and are breaking club records left right and center! I love hockey!


  1. I'm sorry Grace isn't feeling well.. so much for the 11 hours of sleep being a good sign, huh? :(

    I'm proud of you for picking yourself back up and moving forward.. Good luck with lunch.. crossing my fingers for that raise.. :)

  2. Sorry your little one is not feeling well. My little guy was sick and now his big sister has it, ugh!
    Awesome job getting back up! That is a huge deal!
    Vancouver is beautiful, I was born there, thought it was a neat coincidence :)

    P.S. I will keep my fingers crossed for the raise too :)

  3. Man I love those eggs... lol. But always get back up, good job! I also look up nutrition info before going to restaurants and it can be so shocking so it really is worth it too look into it.

  4. Just eat half when you eat out - then it's much more reasonable... and usually you're still getting enough food to not feel deprived. Hope the little one feels good soon!

  5. This eggs are too yummy. I love hockey too! i am watching my Buffalo sabres win against The rangers as I read this!!

  6. We all have those moments. I've sat there before and wondered how in the heck I just ate half a carton of ice cream. For no reason. It gets the best of us ;o) Good for you for not letting it ruin your day!!

    Can you make any of the salads healthier - dressing on the side, grilled instead of fried chicken, leave off the cheese...?