Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well I was excited again and let down again. I was up .4, I know it is not alot but I felt like I worked harder than that and should have had a loss. I am really disappointed....I know I was not perfect but I was good. I picked up one of the trackers from the meeting (I have been using a 3 month one) and will be showing it to my mom and if I do not lose again next week I will be going over it with my leader. I must be doing something wrong. I think I will start posting later in the day and showing it to you guys too. Maybe I am not being honest with myself? Maybe I am wrong on some of my points? I need to do better if I want to reach my goals and feel comfortable in my own body again.

I am wrestling with pulling my scale out again...Maybe it was helping?

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  1. I am all for weighing everyday because then you can see how your weight fluctuates- who knows- you may have weight 2-3 lbs. less the day before WI!