Monday, March 7, 2011


We had great weather today! the sun was out and it wasn't too cold. I went to my 30 Minute Hit today, I was happy to get back. I forgot to tell you guys how I had hubby meet me to pick up Grace and off I went...well I had read the schedule wrong and they were closed =(. It kicked my butt again today and I am starting to feel a little stronger with each circuit.

I have eaten quite well today but did go a little overboard on the cheetos. I ended up finishing them and have decided they are no longer welcome in my house. I just can't control it right now. Some days I have no problem with that kind of stuff, right now is not one of those times. After Grace woke up from her second nap we walked to Costco (about 1 hour round trip) and picked her up some clothes and her first arrowroot cookies! What a mess that was...she had it every where.

Tomorrow I am not sure what I will do for activity. It will be a walk or some sort because I have to take Grace to the doctor to discuss weaning her. I am not sure if I will switch to formula or if they will say it is okay to go right to cows milk.....This may be TMI but at this point I only have one working book and she has 2 teeth and 2 more on the way and let's just say I am sore.....I am hoping to be able to go right to cows milk, she is almost 11 months and I am not sure what he will recommend.

I have planned my meals for tomorrow and I think it should be easy to stick to. I also got a blogger award today and I will do it all up tomorrow - my battery is almost out of juice.....Thanks Need to Get ME Back!


  1. YAY on the award..

    And about the cow's milk, I'd say he'll say go for it.. lol.. good luck with weaning though.. :)

  2. when my kids were that age i started mixing the cows milk with the formula. You could maybe do that with your expressed milk. slowly transistion her over so its not so shocking to her system.