Monday, January 31, 2011


This morning I am going to be completely honest...I let the gain get to me. I have to say that my "indulgent" weekend isn't what it used to be. I did have a couple of things that I did not need - but it's over and I am moving on. Although the gain was out of my control I just let it get me down. I have to say that I am happy to report that the "problem" that caused my gain is gone! Finally this morning - a friend of the family suggested taking probiotics and it worked! So if you ever get backed up or it is something that you struggle with give it a try.

So I did get some extra activity in this weekend and it felt great. We went on a beautiful walk along the water yesterday - it was cold but sunny. It was such a perfect day! Well back on track it is!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Angry Face

That is what I have right now. I was up .4 this morning at WI and I am really frustrated. I know it is because I am backed up but it is still really frustrating - I didn't deserve to gain this week, I tried really hard and ate as good as I could considering I had the flu. I even stayed within my points and tracked the day I had the flu! I am not going to let this derail me - I know it will be better once this "problem" has passed. Grrrrrrr!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tomorrow Will Be Better

Not for me...for hubby. He is finally on the mend and things are looking up. I love him to death but he is exhausting when he is sick! So far Grace has not gotten sick - fingers crossed! I don't know what the heck I would do.

So today my mom and I took a trip down to Bellingham for some good clearance shopping. I have to say that I was not disappointed! I got some great stuff for Grace and didn't have to spend much at all. We walked the mall for about 2 hours and I am proud to say that I stuck to my plan and had Subway for lunch and treated ourselves on the way home to a small soft serve ice cream at the best little place right near the boarder. It was SO worth it! I did remember to get some different flavors of the Laughing Cow Cheeses but forgot about everything else I wanted to look at. I think I should go grocery shopping first....then Grace will still be happy and I won't be rushing. I want to go down without her after she turns 1 (I am still nursing). That way I can spend a little more time without boring her too much!

Well it is WI tomorrow and I really don't know what to expect. I have done well with my eating this week but have been (sorry if this is TMI) backed up since Wednesday and it seems to really be effecting the number on the scale. I guess we'll have to wait and see.....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

Now that I am feeling better the hubs is down and out! He is even sicker than I was - he has not been able to keep anything down =( I don't know what to do for him! I feel So bad. It's not fun looking after 2 babies ;)

So needless to say I have not managed to get any activity in today - just running around trying to look after everyone. My in-laws are going to come over tonight and take Grace and maybe me for a walk depending on how the Hubs is feeling. I have managed to keep my eating on track today and finished yesterday off okay. I did get a really nice 1 1/2 walk around downtown but we had pizza for dinner. Sadly enough regular pizza and thin crust are the same in points....that really surprised me. I will stick with regular if it's the same points! Well I am going to try and relax for a bit now - have a good day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So much better

I feel like a person again! I could not believe how terrible I felt yesterday...oh dear it was bad! I even had to get hubby to come home early to take care of Grace. I was running to the bathroom so much I just couldn't take care of her properly. By the time he got home I had a massive headache and was getting the chills. I just planted myself on the couch and tried to relax.

Today has been so much better. My stomach seems fine now, but I am kinda hungry today.....I am trying not to go overboard. I did indulge a bit at the mall but I took it right out of my weekly points balance. It also got rid of my headache - thank god! I just couldn't seem to get rid of it! Makes me much happier now that I have. I am just getting myself and the little one ready to head downtown to meet hubby and pick up his glasses, I thought it would be a good chance to get out for a nice walk while the weather is dry.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This has to be fast

So how do you count points when you are constantly running to the bathroom? Nothing that is really "healthy" is what I have been able to eat and kind of needed. I have had about 1L of apple juice in the hopes of keeping my sugars at a level that is acceptable and not going to make me feel faint or have to run to the bathroom! Does running to the WC count for activity? I am afraid to leave the house. Thank goodness Hubby can get off work early because I really need the help! Grace does not like being left along. Well I am off - hopefully will be 100% tomorrow!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I am not feeling good today. I went to bed early last night and Grace didn't wake up until after 6 today! too bad I didn't get to enjoy it - I was up in the middle of the night being sick from both sides and it has kind of continued  into the day. I am not sure what it is from. I think it might be from the dessert I had last night - I had some of the left over from Saturday and I think it just may have been too much.

So my weekend went well until last night. We had a lot of fun on Saturday with my brother and his fiance and her sister. The swimming pool in our complex is actually really nice! We got there about 6 and the place was empty - we had so much fun! Grace's swimming has even gotten better, she is kicking her feet so much more than when we did the lesson.

Yesterday we had a really nice day. We had brunch at my parents and then we went downtown to get hubby some new glasses and to look at some new runners for me. We found the glasses but I could not find any shoes. I am going to see if the Grandma's want to go to Bellingham on Friday so I can find some new runners. I tried on a bunch of New Balance but they just didn't feel right. I wear the crap out of my runners and need something that will stand up - I have Nike now but think I might go back to Asics. We'll see what I can find =)

Any recommendations for a good running shoe?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

So happy!

I was down 2 pounds! I had a rough start to the week and then I managed to get myself back on track. I am so happy to be moving in the right direction! I am keeping myself on track this weekend - no more free weekends! I don't need to try and work it off on Monday.

Tonight my brother, his fiance and her sister are coming for dinner tonight. I have everything planned out and it should be good. We are going to take Grace swimming in our pool before dinner for something fun to do. We haven't been to our pool yet so I am looking forward to seeing it.

Well I am off, have a great weekend!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Long Day!

Today felt like it was the longest day ever! My daughter is going through some strange little phase of screaming....every where we go! She even screams in stores if she wants someone to look at her or if she just wants to be funny or something. It is tiring to say the least, even at home she will just sit there and scream! We spent some time with my mom and brother today which was a good break but then my husband was about 45 minutes late getting home fro work and that just about did me in =p I know it doesn't seem like a lot of time but right now with this screaming is. It's hard because she is only 9 months old and what do you do......?       No, seriously what do you do?
On a happier note my eating has been bang on today and while at my parents I got about 40 minutes on the treadmill. Let me tell you it felt great! I miss being able to use that regularly....I seem to push myself more on there. I know most people don't really like treadmills but I do. I was also very proud of myself, I was so hungry when I was making dinner so I took out and washed some grapes instead of grabbing crap =) I am also proud of myself for making dinner on a Friday. I am usually to tired/lazy to cook anything very involved so this was good and dinner was so yummy!
Well it is time to sit back and relax and maybe even book our trip to Vegas =)

Thank you very much for all your kind comments on my last post! Does anyone else have a picture of the last time they felt beautiful? You can check out Jen's picture!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


That is what I woke up to this morning.....It was not in the forecast, it just showed up! So needless to say my class was canceled this morning. I am not sure what I am going to do for activity today, I don't think I will be able to get 2 sessions in because we have dinner at the in-laws tonight. I am going to try and do Just Dance after Grace wakes up, it takes me about 30 minutes to reach the daily goal and she seems to really enjoy the music and watching me make a fool of myself! I am such a terrible dancer but this game is so much fun! I think being a bad dancer makes it an even better workout ;p

I have made some really good choices food wise and got out and stocked up on fruit this morning. I had been missing my banana - I also got some Blood Oranges! I love these, if you can find them, try them! I also got some Cadbury Buttons - I can have about 9 or 10 for 3 points! They are so yummy and a perfect little treat =) I also got myself a new water bottle a couple of days ago, it holds 750 mls/just over 24 oz and I am going to be pushing myself everyday to get more water in! I am not drinking enough and I really feel it in my body.

I have been watching What Not To Wear quite a bit lately and they talk a lot about when the last time you felt beautiful and it got me to thinking. I have not felt good about myself in quite a while but while I was pregnant that was all pushed aside - I felt so amazing and loved pretty much every second of it. We had some professional photos done. Here is the last time I felt beautiful -

When was the last time you felt beautiful?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Every night I sit here and write about my day.....about how I did not put 100% in, about how I want to be healthy and lose the weight. Over the last few days I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want and how I am going to accomplish it. I was shopping today and looked at some dresses - I want to get something for  when the Hubby and I head for Vegas - something pretty for a night out on the town. I was thinking about buying something a size or 2 smaller as motivation - but just looking at one of the dresses in my current size was all I needed! I do not want to be a size 14 anymore - I do not want my thighs to rub together, I do not want to be the big girl lying by the pool. I need to make these changes. So I have been making plans - hubby and I have not decided when we are going to start the C25K - he is super busy at work right now so I think I might start it on my own, in the meantime I have asked him to take Grace upstairs for 30 minutes when he gets home so I can do a workout video. I am going to try and get 2 activities in per day - do Just Dance everyday and do the workout video on days when I don't have my mommy workout group.

I also took the time today to look through my WW cookbook and I was really impressed, there are some great recipes! I am going to start making some of them. More importantly I am going to start sticking to my points! No more of too many treats and not counting on weekend - if I want to lose this weight I actually need to follow the program and make the changes. A very wise leader once said

" You will almost lose weight if you almost follow the program"

Almost isn't good enough.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have been doing some work from home for the company I will be returning to in less that 3 months (so sad to have to go back) and it took me 15.5 hours over the last week! I try and only do it while Grace is sleeping so it takes up most of my nights. It'll be nice to sit back and relax for a bit tomorrow instead of the hour I have been getting. It is all worth it because it has helped me afford my new stroller! I got a Valco Ion and I am SO in love with it. I just have a regular Eddie Bauer that has treated me really good through the first few months but I have been finding it harder and harder to steer it and it's a but too big when I am out shopping. I can't wait to get it!

So my food has been pretty good except I have indulged in some Baked Cheetos! Everything else has been really good. I got out to my fitness class today and it felt good. I love going and talking with the other moms while I still get to get a good workout. I don't do any other baby and mommy things so it's good for Grace too! She LOVES being around other kids - I should find something else for us to do but I find all the classes are quite expensive.

Hubby and I talked and we are going to start the C25K program together. He would like to start running again and I would like to start for the first time ;) It will be something we can do together - just bundle up the little one and off we go! I will have to download it to one of our Ipods - well he will, I don't really handle the tech in the family. Well I must go pay for my stroller now - have a good night!

Monday, January 17, 2011


I am SO tired! I just really want to go to bed....I really wish Grace would sleep past 5:30. I know I am SO lucky that she sleeps through the night...I just wish she would sleep past 6 - even 6:01. I hate when my day starts at 5 anything. Other than an early start I have been having a really good day. I have been planning and I even made my first smoothie! It was really yummy =) After the chiropractor I met my brother and his fiance at my parents place for lunch and now I am home while Grace naps. It's nice to get some quiet time.

I have not had any time yet today for activity, I think I will save Just Dance for after I get Grace to bed. I have so much fun doing it and I have some time to myself tonight as hubby is at school until about 10. Well...that's it for now =)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Movie Date

Today my mom and dad looked after the little one for the afternoon so hubby and I could go to a movie. We went and saw Black Swan and let me tell was weird! It was really good but WOW!!!! I don't even know what to say about it......if you aren't bothered by psychological stuff then I would recommend it, if you are - DON'T see it.

So, I ate pretty well today. Not perfect, I did have a treat at the movies but the rest of the day was good. I forgot to mention yesterday that the whole melt down and over eating was clarified for me on Thursday night when TOM started for the first time since having Grace was born. I have had some stuff since she was born but nothing full on like this....I am so bloated, I did not miss this!

I did not get any activity in today - no excuses, just didn't feel like it. Tomorrow I am going to be doing my Just Dance and I am hoping the night won't be bad so we can get a walk in after dinner. I find we all sleep better when we have some fresh air.

Good night!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Too Little Too Late

So after throwing the cookies away I was inspired....I found all the left over chocolates around the house and got rid of them too! Hubby isn't really into sweets so I would end up eating them....not now! Even after the talk adn getting rid of the chocolate I still gained - and it was a big one! It was 1.8....179.8, the highest I have weight since starting this journey back. It's okay though, today I didn't let it get me down. I ate really good and went for a nice long walk with the little one and my dad, it felt so good to be outside! I just love walking along the water....Vancouver is such an amazing place to live! Well other than that I don't have much to say....enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Thank you for all of your comments yesterday. I learned some new things and got some great ideas. I think I need to try Greek yogurt.....I don't think that I have ever noticed it in the store.

After reading the comments regarding the chat with Hubs I realized that I had not said enough. So I stewed about it all night and then at bed time I had a total melt down......I had let the day get the best of me yesterday. My class was moved outside and I could not attend because my stroller isn't really good enough for this crappy weather. The rain is washing away the snow we got and it's just a hot mess! The outside class is on outdoor trails and I struggle as is with my stroller without adding a slushy mess. I hadn't checked the website before heading to the indoor area to find no one there. I was really looking forward to the workout and really mad and discouraged when I got home. I got Grace down for her nap and made myself a good went downhill from there. I snacked again and then opened some cookies - after having 4 I took them out and dumped them in the trash....I should have better control of this by now. Well when I started talking to Hubs the water works started and I just could not get it together. I am just feeling so disgusted and disappointed with myself - I know how to do this and I am just not. I don't know why I am holding myself back - what am I afraid of? We had a really good chat and decided that we are both going to be making some changes. Fast food now consists of Subway, we can have a treat once a month max and we are going to be moving more together. This weather is holding us back from our regular walks so we are going to be doing either Wii Fit or Just Dance 2. My Hubs said all the right things, things I am not sure I agree with but I will get there.

One bright spot of yesterday is that I did get my activity in and burned the 200 calories for the day on Just Dance. I am really dreading going to my meeting tomorrow - I need to own what I have been doing and move on......

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stylish Blogger

I got th Stylish blogger award from Chicky. Thank you soooo much! I really needed something positive like this. There are some rules that come with this:

Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award
Share 7 things about yourself
Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (or as many as you can)
Contact the bloggers and tell them they won!

7 Things about myself - 

I am now addicted to Just Dance 2 for the Wii and have converted Hubby
I am a chocoholic
I am addicted to Coke Zero - giving it up makes it worse!
Hubby and I are addicted to Vegas - I can't wait to go in May!
I am so excited for Vegas but I am also so scared to leave my daughter for the first time......
I love to entertain -  have people for dinner or snackies and a game
I love the Canucks!

So there it is - now I need to award this to some people. I am not going to make 15 because a lot of the people I follow have already received this but here it goes:

So I hope I didn't double up for anyone!

Now for the rest of my post - I struggled my way through the rest of the day yesterday and had a decent conversation with Hubby. I didn't really get too into it but I think I explained what I needed to. I find sometimes these conversations are just too hard - I can't admit all things I want....I don't want to really share all of my feelings about my body and weight. I don't know - I think I got my point across.

This morning I got up and ate well and have planned what I will be eating for the rest of the day. I need to stop at Safeway of my way to my SS class to get the rest of what I need for lunch and to make my first smoothie. I have been trying not to buy "light" or "diet" food but I think I am going to give in and buy some light yogurt for my smoothie. I think I need it while I am in the losing process, I will transition away from it when I reach my goal. I am also going to take a banana with me to eat in the car on the way home so I don't get that out of control feeling. Well the little one is waking up so I should get going ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Today

This is my second post today, if you missed my first you can check it out here. I am having a really hard time and I have spent alot of time today thinking about what I have been doing and how I am going to make the changes that need to be made. One thing I did was change my ticker, this about the weight I gained while I was pregnant and beyond, so I changed my start weight to what I was when I came home from the hospital...200 pounds. I have lost 22 of that over the last 9 months. That's right, my little baby girl is 9 months old today, kinda makes me sad that I couldn't get back to where I started but I am going to try and not beat myself up about it. It doesn't help. I am also going to have a chat with hubby tonight about the support I NEED.  I am also going to pick up to new WW cookbook and start making meals from there - healthy ones where I am not guessing as to points.

On a positive side I did use my Just Dance 2 and it as SO much fun! I did not manage to get it in while my daughter slept but she did not mind watching me while she played in her exersaucer. I guess that is something else I am going to be doing - making myself a priority. I guess that is it for now, if any of you are struggling and don't already follow her, check out Alissa. Her food looks so yummy and she has lost over 75 pounds!


So I spun completely out of control yesterday. I thought the post yesterday afternoon would bring me back together, instead I let it be an excuse to eat MORE....I tracked everything and what a waste of points! I ate things that I didn't even really want just because that was what was in the house. I don't understand what is going on in my mind.

I got up this morning still feeling shitty about what I did yesterday - I basically wasted a really good workout! Well I have started off eating well today and I have plans to do my Just Dance for the Wii during my daughters afternoon nap after lunch. I think tomorrow I am going to take something to eat in the car after my workout to hopefully stave off another melt down. I am sitting here typing while I watch last nights BL. It is really making me think, if they can do it then I can! I want to lose 5 pounds by Valentine's Day, hubby and I are going to Vegas in May and I want to feel better about myself and last but not least we have 3 wedding to attend this summer (one being my brothers) and I want to look good in pictures! I want to feel good about myself again.....I want to like what I see in the mirror....for me to accomplish these things I need to make some real changes. I need to truly commit myself to WW and getting the activity in. I am going to do this, I am important.......

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well I finished last night off really good and amazingly my sleep training with Grace went amazing! She kinda played after I put her down for about 30 minutes and then got herself to sleep! She didn't even really cry - she whimpered a little but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I came downstairs after and snacked on some popcorn and a coke zero.

This morning I got up and had a good breakfast and snack and even had a banana before my SS class. I really enjoyed getting back into that and then I came home had a great lunch and then kinda fell apart a bit. I have been  snacking ever since.....I am writing this down in the hopes of it getting me back on track!  I think I got too hungry...I don't get home from my class until almost 1 and then I still have to get Grace to bed and make lunch. I think I am going to try eating early on Thursday and see if that helps. I can't seem to have enough of a snack to make me not "out of control" hungry. I always come home and eat something good but then I just don't ever seem satisfied....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bringing Sexy Back?

So I will get to the title in a bit. I have been great with my eating today and even got a 1 hour walk in already. My daughter was up at 4:30 and just kinda fussy. She wasn't really awake just restless....I am also doing much better than I have all weekend! It just makes me feel much better to be hydrated! I am going out again this afternoon to pick up Just Dance for the Wii. Everyone keeps talking about it and it sounds like a fun option for a workout.

So...I have a question for all of you....Where do you "find" your sexy? I seem to have lost it after having a baby and gaining this weight. I was self conscious before I got pregnant but now it's like I am way to aware of all my lumps and bumps. My hubby still tells me that I am beautiful and blah, blah blah but I am having a hard time believing it. I see myself in the mirror every morning......

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Update

So my eating was not great this weekend but I did get a lot of activity in. Me and the hubs got out for a walk everyday and today I went with my parents! The little one came on all these walks as well =) I love getting out for walks, I am going to try and get out as much as I can at the beginning of this week before the snow shows up. They are forecasting about 30 cm (12 in) in one day and then a little bit more over the next few days. My SS classes start up on Tuesday and I am really looking forward to it. That is only Tuesdays and Thursday and then on the off days I am either going for a 1 hour walk or doing one of my many dvd's or Wii games! I am feeling very frustrated with my lack of commitment to getting good activity in. I keep saying I am going to do things and then when I put my daughter down for a nap and end up on the computer and watching tv...I just an't seem to get it together and do anything. This is going to change this week.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

First WI of the New Year

And it was not good =( It was WAY better then it was when I weighed myself at the beginning of the week but I was still up 1.2. I had weighed myself on Sunday and thought it wasn't too bad, I was only up to 178 and then after a good day I was up again to 180. So 178 was not bad this morning. Now I just need to keep going strong. We have had a really busy day today so far with lunch with friends and then we have people coming again tonight for more food and some great hockey (hopefully)!

I am really looking forward to trying some new things this week. I have been really wanting to try smoothies and making a couple of different ideas for dinner. I have been watching alot of your blogs for different ideas because I get caught in funks with food and just make what I know the points for.

I have decided to have a little mini goal - we are working on a pretty tight budget while I am on mat leave and seeing as I have only lost .2 overall I need to stop wasting time and be truly committed. I want to lose 5 pounds by Valentine's Day. I know it's not alot of weight but it is something that is attainable. Here we go!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Morning!

Well I managed to keep myself on track for the rest of the day. I had to use the rest of my weekly points for dinner last night but that's okay. I only got my mall walking in yesterday as we were at the inlaws for the evening and then I was exhausted! We decompressed for about an hour and then were in bed before 10....which was really good because the little princess was up about 3 times before 5:30 =( This doesn't happen often but when it does I really feel it in the morning. She is just getting so busy and if she stays up a little too late she just doesn't seem to sleep as well.

It's still pretty early so I haven't eaten much today but so far so good. My mom is off work on Fridays so she is coming over to hang out today. We are having 2 sets of people over tomorrow and it'll be nice to have some extra help getting ready. My coworker friend and her family are coming for lunch and then some friends are coming to eat appies for dinner and watch the Canucks game. It's going to be a busy day but it was the only day we could make it work. Our late night friends are coming to help fix our electric fireplace in the basement and I am so excited - it's cold down here!

I think I am going to do the step stuff again tonight while I watch the game - I will have to see how the day goes. I would love to get out for a walk but the weather has just been SO wet and gross I don't want to be out there! I am actually kinda looking forward to my first official WI of 2011, I know it will still be up a little but that's okay, I know it is down from where it was at the beginning of this week. I have been feeling so much better now that I am really sticking to eating I just need to keep it going!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


That is what I was faced with today and I gave in. I was at the mall and the cookie store called my name and I answered. I managed to ignore it when I was there earlier this week but I just didn't want to today. I know I can have cookies if I want them but I have been trying really hard to not over do it with the sweets. I have such a terrible sweet tooth! It's okay, I came home and made a really good lunch and I am past it. I am at the inlaws or dinner tonight which means that I will have a really yummy salad (my mother in law makes a really good one!) and then I am not sure but I can keep it in check.

I actually got 30 minutes of good activity in while I watched the hockey game last night. I improvised and used the Wii balance board as a step and did some step with weights that I made up as I went along. It got my heart rate up and it felt good to not just sit on my butt! I treated myself with some smartpop and a rootbeer after I finished my workout and enjoyed the game!

On another note I have been doing really good with the budget that we made up for the new year. I had found myself spending kind of mindlessly while on mat leave and really needed to get it under control. I have been doing some clearance rack shopping getting clothes for Grace for next winter. It makes it easier on me if I am prepared at a good price =)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Another good day under my belt. I made smart choices and even cooked a really yummy dinner. I did not manage to get any activity in so I guess that was my rest day? I need to make it a priority - I just really prefer to be outside and with this weather, no thank you! I made a great/scary discovery last night, I really wanted a treat so I pulled out a vitatop and wanted some vanilla icecream with it. I didn't really want to spend the 7 points for 1/2 a cup like in the book. Well I checked the label for what I have in the freezer and it is only 3 points for 1/2 a cup! I won't be eating it every night but it is nice to know that I can if I want to.

Today is going really well so far food wise, again I haven't gotten any activity yet but I a going to workout while I watch one of the hockey games (GO CANADA!!!!!). I think I will do a bosu based workout after the little one goes down for the night. It will also be a good way to keep me from snacking. I have been eating the best Golden Delicious apples - they have been so crisp and juicy!

I am just watching the first episode of BL - I don't know that I could have gone with the unknown.....I think I would have gone with Bob and Jillian. The unknown would have been WAY too scary for me! What about you?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have found my new favorite lunch! I have 2 light rye wasa crakers with cream cheese and deli chicken on it with half a package of chicken noodle soup and an apple. All that for 10 points! I have been making better choices again today and I think it is because I am back to my routine. Hubby is back at work and we are doing our own thing again. I have even planned dinner for tonight and tomorrow night and then we are out on Thursday to the inlaws and I am not at Friday yet....have to think about it. I am going to make grilled chicken, twice baked potatoes and steamed carrots with some fresh cucumbers too. Mmmmmmmm.

So I even managed not to snack my way through the night last night - huge NSV for me! We had some trouble getting the little one to sleep last night, this is usually when I reach for something to help me relax (popcorn) and last night I did not! I haven't gotten any real activity yet but we are going to walk up to the store tonight to pick up some cat treats so that will have to do for today. I am going to try and get on the Wii at some point but the little one is so busy I am not sure I will be able to!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I made a layout change to my blog to help bring in the new year! I hope you guys all like it, I thought it was pretty =) So I have been counting my points for about 1 1/2 days now and I made a discovery yesterday....SmartPop is not all that smart when you figure out the points! I would much rather melt real butter on air popped for 7 points! Oh well....we live and learn. That is what this is all about.....isn't it? Living and learning? Learning how to live a happy and balanced life? Well that is what it is about for me. No more over doing it, no more eating like crazy, no more dieting in weird ways. I need to apply what I have learned works for me and just do this. Not go crazy and workout for way too long and eat nothing...that is not sustainable.

So my choices today have not been perfect but they have been better. I am making sure I am adding more fruit and veggies and drinking alot of water. I hadn't been drinking much of anything over the holidays but I am back at it now and I feel SO much better. It is amazing what water does for your body. We also got out for a nice walk again today. It had been really nice having hubby home (since the 22nd) but I have to say that I am looking forward to him going back to work. I miss our daily routine and find myself overeating and not eating regularly. I think the second part leads to the first part. I love all the help but I need my routine back! Before I had Grace I had always said if I could be at work all the time I would be skinny because I all have to eat is the healthy options I brought with me ;) Now I find as long as I am in my routine I do better.

One day at a time.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a New Day!

I am back! It's like Christmas was never here...well except for the tree still being up. We have one more get together and then it will all be gone on Sunday. It was nice to take a small break from everything over Christmas and try and enjoy myself. I ended up getting a terrible cold and gaining about 2 pounds (I weighed myself this morning). This morning would have been the start of a new week for me so I got my tracker out and wrote everything down and made sure I got some activity in. There are alot of changes I want to make in 2011 and I am starting right away.

So over Christmas I ate quite a bit but I did not go crazy...I could have done alot worse than 2 pounds! It was so busy that I barely had time to relax! I love Christmas, I just wish it was a slower season...not packed into such a short time. I just find it all too hectic! I feel like I need a vacation!

I was thinking about posting some new goals....but I think I am going to concentrate on one day at a time. I don't want to put the excess pressure of a deadline on it, I just want to do this here we go!