Saturday, December 27, 2014

Crappy Eating Holidays

I had the best of intentions over the holidays but I did not follow through. I felt like I had gotten to a good place with a good routine but I did not stick to. Lucky enough I am where I was when I started the month but I did not manage to make any progress. I need progress.

My plan - I am getting back into my healthy routine. I am going to start back with my shakeology and workouts tomorrow. I am not waiting Monday or January - tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow I will get my ass back in gear! I really need this - I feel tired and sluggish and I hate it. I need to get moving and eating better - my body is missing it!

I really wish I could get my mind on board. I seem to be able to talk myself into anything that I shouldn't - I wish it was going the other way. The mental games I okay with myself seem to be my biggest sticking point. I need to keep pushing past this....

Thursday, December 4, 2014

So much to think about

I don`t know if anyone caught the Dr. Phil show about his new diet book. The diet seem like so many other out there. One thing he was talking about is your perception of your self and negative self talk. This is a huge part of my battle. I don`t know where the switch flipped but I have fallen into old habits again this week. I seem to be able to do well for a little while and then I always slip back. I need to regain my footing and find a way to keep it.

I am excited about Shakeology still and I do love the Piyo workouts. I have still been having my morning shakes but lunches have not been on track. Today I stopped on my way home and grabbed a bunch of crap to eat while my little guy slept. He has pink eye and I don`t know I have let it carry me away completely. I sat and just ate. I felt like shit after but that didn`t stop me from doing it again while my daughter was with my parents, son was asleep for the night and hubby was at school. Alone time seems to be a huge trigger for me. I sit and just basically shove food in my face - I don't think I am even tasting it. I don't know.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow can and will be a better day.