Thursday, March 17, 2011

Too Much Pizza!

That is what I are for dinner last night. I had planned on 2 slices and for some reason went back for a third. I really didn't need it and it made me feel crappy. I walked to my parents (about 6 or 7 km) and when I got there I had a cheese stick and some water and waited for everyone else to get there. While waiting for dinner I felt fine, until about 5 minutes before the pizza arrived I was STARVING!!!! There is nothing I can do about it now but work harder and eat better today. I have 2 workouts planned for today which should help and good light meals. I have lunch and a meeting for work tomorrow. I am already planning what I will have and how I can make it work in my points. I ended up with a pretty high calorie week and I have been happy to see the scale has not gone up at all. I know I should be hoping for a loss but maintenance on a week like this is good.

This morning I have stroller strides and then I will be meeting Yvon to pass Grace off so I can get my second workout in for the day. At this point I have planned chicken pot pies for dinner (they make an amazing single serving at the grocery store) with a nice salad. The gym is in the same complex as the grocery store so I am going to take my sweaty self there and pick up dinner when I am done.

I am also proud to say that I am still tracking - that is faithfully since Monday =)


  1. GREAT job on tracking! Pizza is a trigger food for me! Its like my mouth has a bite and my brain shuts off

  2. SO jealous of tracking since monday...I am going to be like you and track all weekend..HONEST!!!

  3. You go girl....I am a SUCKER for pizza.

    And I must say I am envious of your fitness ambitions. It's a huge effort for me to follow through with my 3-times-a-week-run let alone 2 workouts in one day!

  4. good job with the tracking! Pizza is always hard for me too! I hard 3 slices myself during vacation :/