Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I had my mom meet me today so I could exercise on her lunch hour only to realize I had the schedule messed up still and they don't open until 4 today....I will be dropping off Grace at the inlaws a little early (we are going for dinner) and getting my workout it! I will not miss today. I was really looking forward to working out! I had another oops today - we have upgraded our fish tank to a 30 gal tank and needed some more fish and some snails so I ate while I was at the mall...I thought I was making a good choice and it could have been worse but I used 11 points+ on a sandwich that wasn't that good =p Now I know for next time.

My day has been good otherwise and I finished strong last night. I did have some popcorn while I was watching the hockey game but I planned and tracked and did all those good things. I have now tracked a full day and a half and just need to keep it going - I know that I am more successful when I track. I am also working on getting more water in, I have not been drinking alot of anything lately - don't know why.

I am still not having much luck on getting Grace switched over to cows milk - she doesn't seem to like it. I have tried giving it to her straight, mixing it with formula, with pediasure (chocolate and vanilla) and now chocolate milk. A girlfriend from work said to try mixing it with a bit of prune juice...sounds gross but it worked for her friend and I am really willing to try anything at this point.

Any suggestions or tips?

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