Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy Wekend

We actually had a really busy weekend! I find sometimes we have nothing and then all of a sudden we have a million things in one weekend! It was a good weekend and nice to see some different people.

I stayed the same again this week. Considering how many higher point days I had this week I am okay with it. I really want to see a loss but I need to eat really well and get my activity in. I did not get my third day in on Saturday because my legs were killing me. I have what is called anterior compartmentalization. Let's just say it hurts and there isn't alot I can do about it. I am going tomorrow for an acupuncture appointment to see if I can get some relief.....They are so sore, I am finding myself favoring them which is giving me cramps in my feet! This sucks!

So I canceled my WW membership - we are trying to save money and I have an old online account from when I worked for them that is still active and will hopefully give me what I need. Being lifetime I can pop into a meeting if I feel I need one. The last few weeks I have found that I am not enjoying the meetings - we have a couple of really yappy people who don't really say or add anything to the discussion and our leader is not strong enough to bring it all back on track. I am also trying something new in the motivation department. I was shopping on Saturday and a dress that I fell in love with a couple of months ago and it is on sale now - so I tried it on. The 14 fit I bought the 10. I want to wear this dress to one of the 3 weddings we will be attending this summer!


  1. Oh - good idea for motivation!!

  2. That'a awesome about the dress. I use that method for motivation too - I bought a pair of jeans two sizes smaller than what I am now and I have it hanging on the back of my bedroom door so that every morning I see it and it reminds me of my weightloss goals. I also firmly believe, as another big motivator, is that you have to make your exercise and fitness fun otherwise its so hard to keep at it. Find things you like and just do them. For me it's my mini trapoline and walking in the park so that's what I do!

  3. Good luck with the dress!

    Technically I'm doing WW too, but I don't go to meetings or do it online. I just do it myself. I went to meetings and did the whole thing about 4 yrs ago. So now I figure I know how the system works and the only the meetings ever gave me were accountability... but now I am being accountable to myself and my blogging buddies, so I don't feel like I miss it at all. (Altho last time when I stopped paying to save money, I kinda just stopped everything and gained it all back.. so dont do that!)

  4. Ohh, good luck with your dress!! What a great idea... I should by something smaller to help motivate :)