Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well now that I have decided not to go to WW I need to make some plans to keep on track. I am going to change my WI day to Friday - not so I can go nuts on the weekend but I would prefer to be starting my week then so if I have a heavy weekend I have the weekly points to use and I am not going over.

I am also trying to help myself a little. I am going to see an acupuncturist today to help with my weight loss. I saw a spot on the Rachael Ray show about how it can help with weight loss, stress and anxiety. I have been having a little trouble sleeping lately and I think it is a little anxiety about going back to work and leaving Grace at daycare. I have woken my husband more than once in the middle of the night while I am still sleeping, when I realize what I have done I wake up and can usually rembmer a "bad" dream about Grace. I am hoping this will help!

I have also made an appointment for Thursday to go to the physiotherapist to see about my shins, I know there is not a lot that can be done for me but I really need to try. I have been avoiding activity this week because they just ache! This is a link for what it is - anyone ever dealt with this?


  1. Good idea. I weigh in on Sundays and should probably change it to friday for that reason. And I'm not even a WW member, I just do it myself! I have been thinking that it keeps me more in check during the weekends than if I did it Friday, but I still agree with you. I chose Sundays very randomly- just bc I started on Jan 2nd. Oh well!

  2. You will like WW. It is all about eating well but having room for life. Why did you give up soccer?

  3. I had to give up soccer because I went back to school in the evenings and did not have time to commit to a team...maybe when I am done school I will go back!

  4. I just changed my weigh-in to Saturday. It's true that we don't want to throw all the "rules" out over the weekend but the scale is a little more forgiving by the end of the week than it is Monday morning if you have enjoyed a few extra points over the weekend! Good luck!