Friday, March 25, 2011


So I had my first IMS treatment yesterday and all I can say is ow. I can see the benefits this morning and I hope it keeps getting better as I go for more treatments. Check out my last post for a link as to what it is.

I hopped on the scale this morning ready for the worst and it was only a .8 gain. I am happy with that considering I was up 3 pounds yesterday and I don't think my poor body knows what is happening to it. This week I have had acupunture, massage and now IMS along with trying to seen my daughter! I am also not getting much sleep as Grace is going through something (cold or teeth, not sure yet) and has been up a minimum of 3 times a night. I get up twice and hubby up once but I still wake up everytime. I hope she sleeps good tonight!

I started tracking online this morning and it's kind of cool (I have always been a pen and paper tracker). I hope starting on Fridays will help with the distribution of my weekly points. I am hoping to get out for a light walk today (I am not allowed at the gym for a week as per the physio) if the weather holds.

Have a great Friday!

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