Monday, November 26, 2012


Well today I  went to the doctor for my first full check up. I hate this part of pregnancy - you start losing all of your dignity.....People looking at everything you've got and public weigh ins. I have really been watching what I eat but after a weekend in the states and too much salt I ended up with about a 2 pound gain. Not too bad considereing but I really need to be careful . I do not want to end up with high blood preassure. This pregnancy started off with me being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and having to start taking a daily medication for the first time in my life. I do not like this....I am happy that the thyroid thing brought some of my struggles into perspective....not that I want to stay on this medication - when this pregnancy is over I am going to work really hard to get myself off of this medication.

We have been having such a busy couple of months and with Christmas coming it isn't going to get any better. I am wiped but I just can't seem to say no to anyone. I am really looking forward to the time off between Christmas and New Years. We only have one plan to meet my cousin and her family in Seattle to check out the zoo all lit up for Christmas! Grace will be 3 in April and this has to be the most excited I have been for Christmas since I was a kid! Her eyes light up everytime she sees something that has to do with Christmas and it just makes me feel warm inside.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hello Everyone! I hope all of my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have been away for quite a while as I got a little distracted......

The Baby Weight is going to be going in the other direction! I am currently 11 weeks pregnant! We are so excited! Grace can't wait to be a big sister!

So this blog is going to be going in a different direction. I am trying really hard not to go over board in the eating department. I have felt pretty sick for these firtst 11 weeks. I have been trying to eat smaller meals bu things are pretty bland. I am looking forward to being able to add things back into my diet and being able to eat a whole meal without feeling like I am going to be sick.

I have really missed blogging. Can't wait to get caught up!