Tuesday, March 29, 2011

11 hours!

Grace slept 11 hours last night! It was so nice to get some extra sleep! Another great thing about her getting 11 hours o sleep was that she let her Baba (Russian word for Grandma) put her to sleep!!!!!!This is the first time she has gone down for anyone other than myself or my husband. This is very exciting to me as we leave for Vegas in roughly 6 weeks.

I had a really good day yesterday. I ate well and we got out for a nice walk. I am trying to take different routes to my usual places (we walked to Costco) so it takes a little longer or just to see some different scenery. Today it is raining again so we are going to go to the mall. The dress I bought for motivation has gone on sale further so I would like to try and pick it up (they don't give price adjustments on sale items?...stupid!) at the cheaper price - I would like that extra 25% back!

I am going to search the food court at the mall so I can make a better informed choice than I did on the weekend - I don't need another surprise like that! For dinner we are having eggs - I want to give them to Grace and she can only have the yolks so I figured we could eat the whites instead of wasting them!


  1. Sounds like you are doing great.. I hope the good momentum keeps going through the rest of the week.. if not longer.. :)

    And I don't blame ya on the price thing.. I do that for 25 cents.. let alone anything over $1.. lol

  2. Good job lady! Sounds like you're doing well and being creative in the ways you approach things. Love it!!

  3. 11 hours? woohoo! poor baby, it's sucks to be sick as an adult so it must be terrible for her. You're going to have so much fun in Vegas! :)

  4. vegas sounds so nice - lucky!

    My boys have been sleeping in this week (spring break) and it's been so nice to get that little extra rest. so I can totally relate. Hope it sticks for you!