Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sick Baby = Tired Mommy and Daddy

So Grace has gotten one good nights sleep in the last week - which means hubby and I have gotten one good nights sleep too. We are so tired!

Regardless of everything going on I have been trying to eat well. I made a big error today thinking chicken and ceasar salad at the mall would be a good choice! It had pita and tziki with it and was 20 points +!!!!!!!! how can you make chicken and salad that high in points! I guess I will have to stick to just getting the soup and with small bun at Tim Horton's.

I have been making sure to get out for a light walk everyday to just keep myself moving. I have some HUGE bruises from the IMS but I have actually felt a difference. I really hope this works and I can get back to the gym soon! I have my next appointment on thursday and hope he says I can get back to the gym when I can move my legs again ;)

Yesterday we went down to the states to pick up some stuff for Grace's 1st birthday party. It is amazing how much cheaper everyhting is! Things are really starting to come together - we have 50 confirmed at this point but I have a feeling it will be more! I have decided that I will do this once, next year will just be immediate family and any little friends she has. This is too much! I was really happy to find a cupcake mix on sale for $0.88 each - this was a great deal for me! Now I just need to find a good icing recipe and I am set. I want something that is not too sweet so I don't send Grace crazy!

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