Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I just can't seem to keep anything straight....I have gone to the gym twice now when it is closed and today I went for a massage appointment that is not until next week....=( I was so looking forward to that massage and I was SO embarassed. My mother in law came over to watch Grace and I drove all the way over there to just drive back

I am happy to say that I did go to the gym last night and had a great workout! There was a different trainer there and she really pushed us. She is from another location and does things a little bit different which makes the work out that much more intense. I can already feel a difference in my muscles and it feels so good to feel strong again...too bad it's not working on my brain! I also had a good rest of the day food wise. I had to reach into my weekly points as my inlaws had picked up fish and chips for dinner. I am not a big fan of fish so I keep the batter on when I eat it. My MIL made a great salad so I tried to fill up on that and the strawberries on the table and then had my pice of fish and a handful of french fries. I am happy to say it did not make a difference on the I can't believe he is 60! My dad is in great shape and walks everyday. I love walking with him because he really pushes me to walk faster! I will be walking the almost 6 km to my parents today for my activity as the weather is actually cooperating!

My plans for tomorrow are to go to my SS class in the morning and then to the gym in the early evening. I will get Yvon to meet me there and take Grace home so I can workout =)

Well, I need to get all my stuff together for the walk, have a great day!


 I have been following Rachelle for the last few weeks and today she has posted a contest to win some of her jewelry. You can check out her online store to see some of her amazing pieces and enter her contest!


  1. I was having the same problems forgetting stuff! So I got a nice big calendar. It sits on my counter at all times. Everything goes in it so now I am somewhat less forgetful. YAY for a good workout!

  2. Hey Girl! Just wanted to thank you for all your supportive comments over the past few weeks! They are GREATLY appreciated!

    Keep up the good work!


  3. oh no, that sucks about the massage, sounds like you were needing it too! I've been there though. A few years ago I was so overworked and used to go into work at 5am (still very dark out) and one day I arrived at midnight thinking it was 5 am. wow!!! hahaha actually I laugh eveytime i remember that.

  4. Thanks for the link and for entering my give-away! :)