Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Here

It was a long and not so great weekend and I just did not have time to post. Grace is cutting her top 2 teeth and would not go to sleep on Saturday night and we struggled again last night. I went to WI on Saturday morning and had a STS. I am okay with this because after my gain last weekend I had consoled myself with food over the weekend. I have been having quite a few days where they either start of end great and the other half is not so good. I am getting better and still working at it. I was really proud of myself for getting all 3 of my workouts in last week and I have them mostly planned out for this week. I have to switch it up again and it will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I think. I can't go on Friday because I have a work lunch (I have planned ahead). Today we are going down to meet hubby for lunch and return the shoes I initially bought. The colors are so ugly so I searched all the stores to find  better color in the same shoes. I am so happy I didn't just settle!

Well today has started out good and I am planning on it staying this way. I must go and track now!


  1. I really struggle with consistency. And it frustrates me that I can do well most days and then blow it in a big way that takes days to recover from:(

  2. Staying the same is a good thing- it's much better than a gain!

  3. Staying the same is great - just finding your balance after a gain week. This week will be your week to see loss again!!!