Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Long Night!

I am so tired this morning as Grace was up for most of the night. She slept really restlessly and woke up 3 times! The third time she seemed hot and had a bit of a temp so hubby changed her diaper and gave her some tylenol and then I nursed her and rocked her and she slept until 6:15. I had a pretty successful day yesterday but I am not getting the activity in as my legs are still killing me. I have a massage today and physio tomorrow and hopefully I will be back at the gym on either Friday or Monday. I have been doing light walking but I miss the gym!

I had my acupuncture appointment yesterday and I felt really positive about it. She said she gets good results and what is supposed to happen is that is gets you all in "order" and lets you make the right decisions and your body just seems to know what it is doing. It is also supposed to help with your metabolism and get it working properly. Considering the lack of sleep last night I actually feel pretty decent this morning.

I am trying to put together a play list for walking and running and I am looking for recommendations?


  1. Goodness.. Sounds like a rough night.. but I'm glad you feel human this morning..

    I have wanted to look into acupuncture for a long time.. thought it might be expensive (since I don't have insurance).. but I truly hope you get all of this figured out, because while I'm taking it easy on my ankle, I don't know what I'd do if I HAD to stay away from the gym..

    Oh, if you are on FB, I wrote an update about a comment you left me on my "Finding My Fabulosity" page.. :)

  2. Pink songs are good like "Raise your glass". Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna are all good to work out to. I am always updating my playlists to keep from getting bored.

  3. I'll be interested to hear what you think of the effectiveness of acupuncture. I saw a segment on Dr. Oz about hypnosis that got me thinking.

  4. oh no, poor Grace, well all of you for not getting enough sleep :( and it's finally massage time. hehe.
    I love it's my life by Bon Jovi, Eye of the Tiger, Born this way, Loca by Shakira. (I have a little playlist on my page)

  5. Oh hope Grace is feeling better!
    I love to run to black eyed peas and pink, as well as the new song from J Lo ;-)