Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eating Out

So I did pretty good yesterday. I picked the higher of my choices but that was what I really wanted. I did add a ceasar salad I wasn't really planning on, but it was okay.

I had a little problem in the afternoon yesterday. I didn't do as bad as the day before but I still need to get a handle on it. Grace seems to be feeling better but we are going to try bathing her just a little bit earlier to see if we can avoid the over tired. Now that she is feeling better I am back to weening her, she did fine with the first nap and even asked for some milk this morning....well she pointed at it and drank it!

I got my 1 hour walk in yesterday and it felt SO good to get out! The rain even stayed away =) Today I have my second IMS treatment. I really hopes he tells me I can get back to the gym next week. I am going to take my measurements tomorrow and see if there are any changes from the 2 weeks I could get in at the gym...I doubt it but I had decided that I would take my measurement on the 1st of every month to track my changes. I am hoping that my treatment today doesn't mess with my WI tomorrow - I have been tracking since last hasn't been great but I am sticking with it! I was proud of myself for tracking over the weekend.... haven't done this in a while!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you fall....get back up!!!!!!

So I fell yesterday...into the remaining peanut butter eggs in the bag =( But I got back up and  dusted the chocolate peanut butter crumbs off and ate well for the rest of the evening. I don't know what it was but all of a sudden I found myself out of control - the excuses I have come up with so far are:

1. Grace only took at 30 minute nap after a long and fussy monring, she is no eating well because she is not feeling well!

2. I am nursing more again because she has not been eating or drinking enough.

3. I was exhausted!

So now that I have the excuses out of the way, I must move on. I forgot to mention yesterday that I have signed myself up for a learn to run class - I have prepaid for my stroller classes but I have not been able to use all my credit so she is going to transfer it to this for me. I am not sure yet when it starts but I am really excited to do something new!

Today I have lunch with my boss - she wants to go over a few things with me before I come back...maybe she wants to give me a raise =p I have been looking at the menu for the restaurant that we are going to and there really are not any good options! I can't believe how much fat is in their salads! I think I know what I will get, it is one of the better options. I have 2 that I am trying to decide between that won't be too bad. It is an ugly day out but I am going to bundle up and walk to the inlaws for dinner tonight anyway. I need to get over my aversion to rain - I live in rains all the time~!

I also want to say congratulations to my Canucks! They clinched the Western conference title last night and are breaking club records left right and center! I love hockey!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

11 hours!

Grace slept 11 hours last night! It was so nice to get some extra sleep! Another great thing about her getting 11 hours o sleep was that she let her Baba (Russian word for Grandma) put her to sleep!!!!!!This is the first time she has gone down for anyone other than myself or my husband. This is very exciting to me as we leave for Vegas in roughly 6 weeks.

I had a really good day yesterday. I ate well and we got out for a nice walk. I am trying to take different routes to my usual places (we walked to Costco) so it takes a little longer or just to see some different scenery. Today it is raining again so we are going to go to the mall. The dress I bought for motivation has gone on sale further so I would like to try and pick it up (they don't give price adjustments on sale items?...stupid!) at the cheaper price - I would like that extra 25% back!

I am going to search the food court at the mall so I can make a better informed choice than I did on the weekend - I don't need another surprise like that! For dinner we are having eggs - I want to give them to Grace and she can only have the yolks so I figured we could eat the whites instead of wasting them!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been tracking online and I have to admit that I like it! It is way easier than it was a couple of years ago and it kinda makes it fun.....I have been doing pretty well except for my mistake with the Greek food at the mall this week and I am hoping I see a nice change on the scale this week.

I am looking forward to this weekend. A girl from work and I are going to take out kids to the zoo and for lunch. I don`t have many friends that have kids so it`s nice when we can get together. Her hubby is kinda boring so I prefer when we can get out together on our own. She is also doing WW so we are planning on picking up Subway and eating while we are at the zoo. Her son is 2.5 (my slash won`t work....) and he is really good with Grace so it should be a good day. I am also looking forward to my parents coming home this weekend. they have been gone for almost 2 weeks and we even missed my dad`s 60th birthday. My brother and I have planned to take the family out for dinner and split the cost...he doesn`t want a party and then get him a golf game.

Well that`s it for now!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sick Baby = Tired Mommy and Daddy

So Grace has gotten one good nights sleep in the last week - which means hubby and I have gotten one good nights sleep too. We are so tired!

Regardless of everything going on I have been trying to eat well. I made a big error today thinking chicken and ceasar salad at the mall would be a good choice! It had pita and tziki with it and was 20 points +!!!!!!!! how can you make chicken and salad that high in points! I guess I will have to stick to just getting the soup and with small bun at Tim Horton's.

I have been making sure to get out for a light walk everyday to just keep myself moving. I have some HUGE bruises from the IMS but I have actually felt a difference. I really hope this works and I can get back to the gym soon! I have my next appointment on thursday and hope he says I can get back to the gym when I can move my legs again ;)

Yesterday we went down to the states to pick up some stuff for Grace's 1st birthday party. It is amazing how much cheaper everyhting is! Things are really starting to come together - we have 50 confirmed at this point but I have a feeling it will be more! I have decided that I will do this once, next year will just be immediate family and any little friends she has. This is too much! I was really happy to find a cupcake mix on sale for $0.88 each - this was a great deal for me! Now I just need to find a good icing recipe and I am set. I want something that is not too sweet so I don't send Grace crazy!

Friday, March 25, 2011


So I had my first IMS treatment yesterday and all I can say is ow. I can see the benefits this morning and I hope it keeps getting better as I go for more treatments. Check out my last post for a link as to what it is.

I hopped on the scale this morning ready for the worst and it was only a .8 gain. I am happy with that considering I was up 3 pounds yesterday and I don't think my poor body knows what is happening to it. This week I have had acupunture, massage and now IMS along with trying to seen my daughter! I am also not getting much sleep as Grace is going through something (cold or teeth, not sure yet) and has been up a minimum of 3 times a night. I get up twice and hubby up once but I still wake up everytime. I hope she sleeps good tonight!

I started tracking online this morning and it's kind of cool (I have always been a pen and paper tracker). I hope starting on Fridays will help with the distribution of my weekly points. I am hoping to get out for a light walk today (I am not allowed at the gym for a week as per the physio) if the weather holds.

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


My muscles are mush after being "beaten" into submission. It was painful but it was worth it. My shins are feeling a little bit better today and my back is definitely looser. Today I have my first physio appointment and I am nervous. I am probably going to be receiving IMS and I have been warned that it is very painful but very worth it. Anything to get back in the gym and started on the C25K. I see people out running and I just want to join them!

Thank you for all your song suggestions! I am going to have the hubby help me get a new playlist together!

So this morning I got on the scale and had gain 3 pounds! I am not sure what to expect tomorrow as my body is just so weird right now! I am weening Grace from the boob and all these treatments and I seem to be retaining alot of water. I will just have to take what tomorrow give me and move on. We have a pretty relaxed weekend except for a little celebration dinner with my brother and his fiance. She got into grad school this week and I am so happy for her. She may drive me nuts sometimes but she worked her butt off and really deserves it! She is someone who workers 10 times harder than everyone else in her class but still isn't at the tope. This is her second try and she wasn't sure her grades were going to be good enough - I guess the teachers saw her passion and effort and rewarded her. She is hard of hearing (basically deaf in one ear and not great hearing in the other - she is 27 and has to wear 2 hearing aids) and is studying audiology in the hopes to help people like herself. So proud of her!

Well I should get going and do some housework......=p

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Long Night!

I am so tired this morning as Grace was up for most of the night. She slept really restlessly and woke up 3 times! The third time she seemed hot and had a bit of a temp so hubby changed her diaper and gave her some tylenol and then I nursed her and rocked her and she slept until 6:15. I had a pretty successful day yesterday but I am not getting the activity in as my legs are still killing me. I have a massage today and physio tomorrow and hopefully I will be back at the gym on either Friday or Monday. I have been doing light walking but I miss the gym!

I had my acupuncture appointment yesterday and I felt really positive about it. She said she gets good results and what is supposed to happen is that is gets you all in "order" and lets you make the right decisions and your body just seems to know what it is doing. It is also supposed to help with your metabolism and get it working properly. Considering the lack of sleep last night I actually feel pretty decent this morning.

I am trying to put together a play list for walking and running and I am looking for recommendations?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well now that I have decided not to go to WW I need to make some plans to keep on track. I am going to change my WI day to Friday - not so I can go nuts on the weekend but I would prefer to be starting my week then so if I have a heavy weekend I have the weekly points to use and I am not going over.

I am also trying to help myself a little. I am going to see an acupuncturist today to help with my weight loss. I saw a spot on the Rachael Ray show about how it can help with weight loss, stress and anxiety. I have been having a little trouble sleeping lately and I think it is a little anxiety about going back to work and leaving Grace at daycare. I have woken my husband more than once in the middle of the night while I am still sleeping, when I realize what I have done I wake up and can usually rembmer a "bad" dream about Grace. I am hoping this will help!

I have also made an appointment for Thursday to go to the physiotherapist to see about my shins, I know there is not a lot that can be done for me but I really need to try. I have been avoiding activity this week because they just ache! This is a link for what it is - anyone ever dealt with this?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy Wekend

We actually had a really busy weekend! I find sometimes we have nothing and then all of a sudden we have a million things in one weekend! It was a good weekend and nice to see some different people.

I stayed the same again this week. Considering how many higher point days I had this week I am okay with it. I really want to see a loss but I need to eat really well and get my activity in. I did not get my third day in on Saturday because my legs were killing me. I have what is called anterior compartmentalization. Let's just say it hurts and there isn't alot I can do about it. I am going tomorrow for an acupuncture appointment to see if I can get some relief.....They are so sore, I am finding myself favoring them which is giving me cramps in my feet! This sucks!

So I canceled my WW membership - we are trying to save money and I have an old online account from when I worked for them that is still active and will hopefully give me what I need. Being lifetime I can pop into a meeting if I feel I need one. The last few weeks I have found that I am not enjoying the meetings - we have a couple of really yappy people who don't really say or add anything to the discussion and our leader is not strong enough to bring it all back on track. I am also trying something new in the motivation department. I was shopping on Saturday and a dress that I fell in love with a couple of months ago and it is on sale now - so I tried it on. The 14 fit I bought the 10. I want to wear this dress to one of the 3 weddings we will be attending this summer!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Too Much Pizza!

That is what I are for dinner last night. I had planned on 2 slices and for some reason went back for a third. I really didn't need it and it made me feel crappy. I walked to my parents (about 6 or 7 km) and when I got there I had a cheese stick and some water and waited for everyone else to get there. While waiting for dinner I felt fine, until about 5 minutes before the pizza arrived I was STARVING!!!! There is nothing I can do about it now but work harder and eat better today. I have 2 workouts planned for today which should help and good light meals. I have lunch and a meeting for work tomorrow. I am already planning what I will have and how I can make it work in my points. I ended up with a pretty high calorie week and I have been happy to see the scale has not gone up at all. I know I should be hoping for a loss but maintenance on a week like this is good.

This morning I have stroller strides and then I will be meeting Yvon to pass Grace off so I can get my second workout in for the day. At this point I have planned chicken pot pies for dinner (they make an amazing single serving at the grocery store) with a nice salad. The gym is in the same complex as the grocery store so I am going to take my sweaty self there and pick up dinner when I am done.

I am also proud to say that I am still tracking - that is faithfully since Monday =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I just can't seem to keep anything straight....I have gone to the gym twice now when it is closed and today I went for a massage appointment that is not until next week....=( I was so looking forward to that massage and I was SO embarassed. My mother in law came over to watch Grace and I drove all the way over there to just drive back

I am happy to say that I did go to the gym last night and had a great workout! There was a different trainer there and she really pushed us. She is from another location and does things a little bit different which makes the work out that much more intense. I can already feel a difference in my muscles and it feels so good to feel strong again...too bad it's not working on my brain! I also had a good rest of the day food wise. I had to reach into my weekly points as my inlaws had picked up fish and chips for dinner. I am not a big fan of fish so I keep the batter on when I eat it. My MIL made a great salad so I tried to fill up on that and the strawberries on the table and then had my pice of fish and a handful of french fries. I am happy to say it did not make a difference on the I can't believe he is 60! My dad is in great shape and walks everyday. I love walking with him because he really pushes me to walk faster! I will be walking the almost 6 km to my parents today for my activity as the weather is actually cooperating!

My plans for tomorrow are to go to my SS class in the morning and then to the gym in the early evening. I will get Yvon to meet me there and take Grace home so I can workout =)

Well, I need to get all my stuff together for the walk, have a great day!


 I have been following Rachelle for the last few weeks and today she has posted a contest to win some of her jewelry. You can check out her online store to see some of her amazing pieces and enter her contest!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I had my mom meet me today so I could exercise on her lunch hour only to realize I had the schedule messed up still and they don't open until 4 today....I will be dropping off Grace at the inlaws a little early (we are going for dinner) and getting my workout it! I will not miss today. I was really looking forward to working out! I had another oops today - we have upgraded our fish tank to a 30 gal tank and needed some more fish and some snails so I ate while I was at the mall...I thought I was making a good choice and it could have been worse but I used 11 points+ on a sandwich that wasn't that good =p Now I know for next time.

My day has been good otherwise and I finished strong last night. I did have some popcorn while I was watching the hockey game but I planned and tracked and did all those good things. I have now tracked a full day and a half and just need to keep it going - I know that I am more successful when I track. I am also working on getting more water in, I have not been drinking alot of anything lately - don't know why.

I am still not having much luck on getting Grace switched over to cows milk - she doesn't seem to like it. I have tried giving it to her straight, mixing it with formula, with pediasure (chocolate and vanilla) and now chocolate milk. A girlfriend from work said to try mixing it with a bit of prune juice...sounds gross but it worked for her friend and I am really willing to try anything at this point.

Any suggestions or tips?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Here

It was a long and not so great weekend and I just did not have time to post. Grace is cutting her top 2 teeth and would not go to sleep on Saturday night and we struggled again last night. I went to WI on Saturday morning and had a STS. I am okay with this because after my gain last weekend I had consoled myself with food over the weekend. I have been having quite a few days where they either start of end great and the other half is not so good. I am getting better and still working at it. I was really proud of myself for getting all 3 of my workouts in last week and I have them mostly planned out for this week. I have to switch it up again and it will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I think. I can't go on Friday because I have a work lunch (I have planned ahead). Today we are going down to meet hubby for lunch and return the shoes I initially bought. The colors are so ugly so I searched all the stores to find  better color in the same shoes. I am so happy I didn't just settle!

Well today has started out good and I am planning on it staying this way. I must go and track now!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


The root of all evil? I was having an amazing day yesterday - both food and activity and then I decided with my cheese stick I would have 3 arrowroot cookies. I figured out the points and I went downstairs with my snack and I was fine....until I got up 2 more times for more cookies. Why? I brought a banana to the gym with me and shared it with Grace before we came home. I then put her to sleep and made my grilled cheese sandwich with carrot sticks and a sliced apple. I drank a 16oz. glass of water and was relaxing while Grace slept. I flt fine but then the hunger set back in. I had my snack and thought I would be fine but I guess not.After Grace woke up we walked (3.9K) to my inlaws and I think I maybe did too much. I am going to be taking a rest day today because my back is hurting and I don't want to hurt myself.

I have made good choices so far this morning and will get out to the mall for some light walking. I need to pick up a couple more sippy cups for Grace so I can keep up with the milk and water that she is going to need. She took her first nap without nursing today and it went pretty well. A bit of crying but not too much. Well she is waking up so I had better go get her! Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


There are so many choices in one day, in one hour. I woke up this morning and chose to make better decisions. So far I have had a good breakfast and have my snack planned. I have also planned a nsack for right before my workout so I don't get out of control hungry on the way home. I come home and have to put Grace down for her nap before I can have lunch and I am hoping this will help. I am really looking forward to my workout. The weather is not very nice today but I think I might walk to my inlaws anyway. I need to stop being fairweather - I have a a rainsheild for my daughter and a little bit of rain is not going to kill me.

I have also decided to bring the scale out of the closet, I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday but I think I need it to help get me back on track. I will put it away again when I seem to have gained my footing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life Block

I am still working on my award post, trying to come up with something kind of interesting to tell you guys about myself....kinda hard.

I am suffering from life block - I just can't seem to get myself going. I am not spending all day on the couch or anything but I do feel like I am doing and eating the same things all the time. I just don't seem to be able to find my groove. I really don't like this feeling....just so blah. I had a decent day today - again not perfect but not horrible either. I ended up doing 2 rounds of mall walking because the weather was just miserable.

I took Grace in to the doctor and he said I was good to go with putting her on cows milk but did suggest that I mix it with formula to keep the calories up for her. She is so active lately that she is not gaining any weight, stuck at 19.2 pounds. It's crazy how much she has changed and all the different things she is doing now. She sits up from her tummy all by herself now and is so close to being done with her military's all so amazing. She was trying today to pull herself up but can't quite get there.

Well tomorrow I have lined my mom up to watch Grace on her lunch hour so I can get to 30 Minute Hit. It seems to be the only thing I can get kinda excited about right now (other than anything Grace does ;p). I just need to try and keep my head in the game and make better choices with every meal.

Monday, March 7, 2011


We had great weather today! the sun was out and it wasn't too cold. I went to my 30 Minute Hit today, I was happy to get back. I forgot to tell you guys how I had hubby meet me to pick up Grace and off I went...well I had read the schedule wrong and they were closed =(. It kicked my butt again today and I am starting to feel a little stronger with each circuit.

I have eaten quite well today but did go a little overboard on the cheetos. I ended up finishing them and have decided they are no longer welcome in my house. I just can't control it right now. Some days I have no problem with that kind of stuff, right now is not one of those times. After Grace woke up from her second nap we walked to Costco (about 1 hour round trip) and picked her up some clothes and her first arrowroot cookies! What a mess that was...she had it every where.

Tomorrow I am not sure what I will do for activity. It will be a walk or some sort because I have to take Grace to the doctor to discuss weaning her. I am not sure if I will switch to formula or if they will say it is okay to go right to cows milk.....This may be TMI but at this point I only have one working book and she has 2 teeth and 2 more on the way and let's just say I am sore.....I am hoping to be able to go right to cows milk, she is almost 11 months and I am not sure what he will recommend.

I have planned my meals for tomorrow and I think it should be easy to stick to. I also got a blogger award today and I will do it all up tomorrow - my battery is almost out of juice.....Thanks Need to Get ME Back!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just Words

Yesterday I read a very emotional post from one of my favorite bloggers. She was talking about how she had failed because she was struggling with emotional eating and she had given in and eaten some cookies. This blogger has lost almost 80 pounds and is doing amazing! If this is failing....what am I doing? I know we all have our own personal struggles and ways of dealing with them. We all have our own ideas of what is success and what is failure, but right now I feel like I am in every meaning of the word a failure.

I have been going to WW for months now and all I have managed to do is watch my weight go down and up in a continuous cycle. This is not because of the plan but because I don't seem to be able to commit myself to anything. I had a plan when I was pregnant that as soon as I could I would be back to WW and back on my way to goal. I followed through with that plan but gave up very was too hard. I had a new baby you know and I just couldn't do it. That is the excuse I keep using. I have dug myself into some kind of funk where I just seem too lazy to do anything. I keep going to WW and planning what I am going to do and then never fully following through. I will so a part of the plan but not the whole thing, or I will keep it up for a couple of days and then just stop. I feel like I am in a perpetual cycle of failure....

I have all the knowledge and tools I need to do this so why do I keep failing? I keep failing because I let myself. I keep typing out all these plans that I have....they are just words if I don't follow through with the action.

This week I will go to 30 Minute Hit 3 times, I will make it to at least 1 Stroller Strides class, I will only eat my daily points and weekly points and I will make better choices. This week I will not fail.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well I was excited again and let down again. I was up .4, I know it is not alot but I felt like I worked harder than that and should have had a loss. I am really disappointed....I know I was not perfect but I was good. I picked up one of the trackers from the meeting (I have been using a 3 month one) and will be showing it to my mom and if I do not lose again next week I will be going over it with my leader. I must be doing something wrong. I think I will start posting later in the day and showing it to you guys too. Maybe I am not being honest with myself? Maybe I am wrong on some of my points? I need to do better if I want to reach my goals and feel comfortable in my own body again.

I am wrestling with pulling my scale out again...Maybe it was helping?

Friday, March 4, 2011


I finally got new shoes! Funny enough they fitted me for the same shoes that I am trying to replace! If I had known that was what was best for me I could have sorted this out weeks ago. I had a really nice morning with my mom and we had a good lunch. I had a couple of candies when I got home but I have otherwise been right on track. Hubby said he will be off work on time so we will be meeting at the gym so he can take Grace with him and I can get a workout in. It has started raining a  bit so I am not sure we will get to walk to Subway - if not I will just stop on the way home and pick it up.

So we have had a very exciting week around the house here, Grace has started to really crawl, sit up on her own and she can moo like cow now! I know this is supposed to be about weight loss and stuff but I can't help but talk about her a bit. You can see the most recent picture here. The other day she was laying on her tummy and then all of a sudden she kinda worked her way into a downward dog type of position and then on to her bum! She has found an easier way of doing it now but it's so exciting! She has also been "army" crawling and yesterday she did a real crawl....she doesn't do it all the time but it's good. When we were playing the other day I showed her the cow and told her it says moo, then I asked her what the cow does and she did it back to me! It's like she's developing and changing so fast!

Well tomorrow is WI - I can't wait to see the number!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Something I have been smart about today. I took a good look at what I am doing and don't want to waste those amazing workouts I have been having this week. I was hoping to get back into my stroller class today but I got lost in the shoe department this morning. I have still not been able to find a new pair of runners! Tomorrow my mom is off work so we are going to head over to a Running Room to see if they can get me what I need and want. This way I can get a good fitting and my mom can keep Grace company for me.

Again this week I have managed to stay away from the scale. I am excited for my WI on should be better then last week...I have been doing much better. Where I have had some off eating I have had some great activity which I will top off with a walk to my inlaws (takes about 1 hour) and another session at the gym tomorrow. I get home at about 5 and then I am going to see if hubs wants to walk up to Subway for dinner. Then I don't have to cook but it is still healthy and should help me get some energy to get through the night. After my workout I feel like I have left everything I have got on that floor - it's amazing to have this again. I have not worked out this hard since I saw a personal trainer before I got married in 2007. There is only one of these studios in the states (sorry guys - you are missing out!) but if you are in Canada or where that one studio is in the states take advantage of the free trial and see if it is something that makes you feel good. Check it out at . I just want to make it clear that I am not paid by or getting anything from the company for saying these's just how I feel.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hard Work *UPDATE* See bottom of post

I went back to the gym today and it kicked my butt again! What an excellent workout! I can feel it even more today, my abs are killing me!

I was so happy to get to the gym again today, my inlaws came over and watched Grace because hubby was at the dentist. I am really looking forward to going back on Friday....I am going to get stronger every time. To give you an idea of how great a workout it is I took some pictures on my camera....they are bad but here they are anyways.

I have to admit that I did not eat well at all today. I pulled it together after my workout and ate well at dinner but that is about it for the day. I have to do better tomorrow or I am going to be working hard for nothing! I don't just want to keep myself even, I want to lose!

And just for fun I took a picture of Grace in her favorite ride!

One of the bloggers I love is trying to raise money for a 60 mile walk for a great cause. If you are American and can help her out check her out here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Holy Smokes!

So I was a little skeptical about a 30 minute workout....I was proven WRONG!!!!! This workout was amazing and I was dripping in sweat! It is a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) based circuit and it is amazing! If you have a 30 Minute Hit near you, give it a try! I was so happy that I liked it, it takes about 45 minutes with stretching and I felt amazing after and slept great last night!

My eating was okay yesterday, I ended up having a quick dinner of Kraft dinner. I used 4 of my weekly points and none of my activity points. Grace seems to be needing less milk so I have cut back 1 point. I have a much healthier dinner planned for today (fresh cut veggies and chicken pot pie) and a light activity day today. I am not going to my Stroller class because Grace hates the indoor classes, she kinda blocks them off and she just sit and yells for me....I don't feel I get anything out of it except a ticked off Grace. We are going to go and walk the mall and look for some new runners. I need to find something that will be good for the gym and walking/running outdoors.

Wish me luck!