Friday, September 24, 2010

Must Plan Ahead

That is the advice I must follow when out of the house. Today I went shopping across the line with my mom, mother in-law and daughter and I only planned until snack. Ooops =) I had a good breakfast (multigrain cheerios) and a good snack (Fiber 1 bar) and then I decided that I would just eat at the food fair. I decided that I would have McDonalds (the food fair is terrible in this mall), I got a chicken club and fries, next time I will plan ahead and atleast know how many points my lunch would be. Needless to say I am a little over my target for the day.. I hope this doesn't effect me too much tomorrow. I am hoping for good numbers but I do have to keep in mind that my daily total is not suppose to have me lose alot of weight so as to hopefully not effect my milk supply. I would love to see atleast 1 pound....I know it doesn't sound like alot but they say that is what is usual for nursing moms, if I get more I'll take it too but I will have to be careful that it's not too much more. Feels kind of weird to be saying that but I really don't want to effect my supply.

Tomorrow I am going to have a bit of a treat day, I have decided that after I weigh in I can have a treat day. We have a Canucks game on tv tomorrow night and I think I might make nachos =)

Have a great weekend!

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