Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to Normal

My husband is back at work today and it is so nice! I do miss him but it is enough work looking after one baby! Why are men such babies when they are sick? Oh well. So I ate well yesterday but I did not keep up with my tracking. I did catch it up this morning but I really need to remember to just do it throughout the day. I took Grace yesterday and got out for a nice walk to Costco so I could pick up the rest of the groceries. It felt so good to be outside, the weather isn't sunny but it is nice and crisp, perfect walking weather! So I have decided I can only have toast once per week (I think I will save it for the weekend) because I do not measure my peanut butter or the bit of Nutella I put on. I know it is playing a big part in why the scale isn't moving in the direction I am hoping for. I am not making the progress I want but I am not putting in enough effort either.

 My goal today is to journal everything I eat in a timely manner.

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