Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Control!

It feels so good! I finally feel like I have a handle on things again. I have been really good about the choices I make and tracking my points. I need to start working on getting the activity back up but for now I am really happy with myself. I did a mid week weigh yesterday and was very happy with what I saw! I am actually looking forward to going back to my meeting on saturday and getting on that scale! Yesterday I picked up some sun chips while at costco, what a great treat for 4 points! I love chips and this will really help keep me from over doing it! Here is to keeping this going!


  1. Great job! Can't wait to hear about your Sat. WI!! :)

    I love SunChips problem tho is that I can't stop. You put a bag of garden salsa sun chips in front of me & i'll get em gone! ;)

  2. Awesome job looking to see your weigh in results!!!

  3. *forward to seeing your weigh in results (sorry)