Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Back

I had a wonderful weekend and just didn't really have much to blog about so I stayed away. I came and read what everyone had to say but I didn't have anything to say myself so I took a break. My mom brought back my dvd of Dancing With The Stars and I am really excited to try it out today or tomorrow. I have been eating pretty good and keeping up with my activity. I took yesterday off from working out at all as it was such a yucky day! Today is looking a little better so I think we might bundle up for a bit of a walk today and then tonight I have dinner with my friend. I am so looking forward to a little adult time to just chat =) Well I still don't have much to say...I am going to figure out the awards and do that next!

I needed to add something - I did my new dvd and it was funny! I am not very coordinated or a good dancer but it was kinda fun. If you are a dancer it would be a really good workout! If you are not...even better ;)

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