Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long day

Today has been a long day! I got up this morning and played with Grace for a bit and then had to go into my office to drop off the work I had done and pick up what I need to finish for them. It will be so nice to make a little extra money. It is amazing that I get paid to stay home with my amazing baby for a while year but it is a little tight when you are only making a max on 55% of your income...I am not. We then spent the afternoon at home. I am finding myself over eating at this time so I put my workout off until then. Today I did a workout with my Bosu. I did it with old stuff from when I was working with a trainer a couple of years ago. It felt great but I could only get 25 minutes before she woke up and got annoyed at me =) She wanted me to play with her. My mom and dad are going across the line for the weekend and I am going to get my mom to pick up one of the Dancing With the Stars workout dvd's because I think Grace might like the music and it would be fun for me and she might even like to watch me move like that. We'll see if I even like it.....Working out in the afternoon helped curb my eating and when I did have a snack it was a fresh peach with vanilla yogurt and it was so good!

When my husband got home from work we had to go for an interview with a daycare we are looking into when I go back to work....I am so not looking forward to this but it was inevitable. I know it is 7 months away but these first 5 have gone so fast it is going to be here any minute! You guys know what I am talking about =)

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