Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feels Like Monday

Well I had a wonderful long weekend. My hubby and I got our basement cleaned and organized and now we can start working on the closet and the storage/laundry room. It felt so good to not be tripping over things! Now we just have to keep it this way! I wish I could clean up my eating habits this way...I ate horribly all weekend long! I need to get my husband on track and then maybe we won't eat a bunch of crap on the weekends. I am one who cannot give up any one food or food group, it is disastrous for me....It leads to binging which is never a good thing. I am having to move from the Shred challenge to the 20 minutes min of activity a day as the Shred is too hard on my shoulder and it keep kind of freezing up on me, not a good thing when I am constantly carrying 15 pounds around! I have pulled out the personal trainer for the Wii and will start that tomorrow. Today I did my 45 minute deal at the mall with all the other moms. It felt good to get back at it after missing last week for the doctor.


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  1. Sounds like you are finding a way to work out on your terms.. only you know what you can handle and what you can't.. I'm sorry the Shred isn't gonna work for you, but I'm sure you'll lose weight regardless of what you do..

    Good luck with the Wii.. I have the EA Sports Active, and I love it.. Oh, and I gave you an award on my blog.. check it out! :)