Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2

I am sitting here blogging while trying to cool down enough after the Shred to get in the shower! I sure work up a good sweat in that short amount of time. I am hoping I cool down quick as baby is napping and I would love to get my shower in before she wakes up. I bring her down with me and put her in her swing. She watches for a while and then falls asleep =)

I am a little sore this morning and had trouble with some of the upper body work on the dvd today. I have a bit of a weird shoulder so I just did what I could and occasionally subbed in a different movement. Mt husband and I had our date last night and it was so nice. We went and saw  The Expendables and it was so bad that it was good. The acting was terrible and that made it funny. I wasn't expecting much but it was good. We shred some popcorn and m'n'm's and got a pop. It was so nice. Not the best for the points but it is yesterday and today is fresh.

Well I should hop in the shower!


  1. I was wondering about that movie. LOL Good job on the exercise! Keep it up! :)

  2. Awesome job with the exercise! I really need to get in a more motivated mood to actually get up and do it. LOL! Boo for the bad movie but YAY to date night!