Monday, August 9, 2010


Well I got on the scale this morning just to see how things were going....I need to start paying attention. It's always like this, you think you are doing okay and then when you start thinking back....eeeeee. I had too much sugar this weekend and it shows. My husband and I have a little fetish with sour keys. So good but so very, very bad for anything. Well atleast I know what it is. I am just going to have to go cold turkey and not eat them anymore.

So I find that I just don't have time to blog on the weekend. I get so carried away with what I am doing and then I just kind of forget too. We spent some time yesterday cleaning and organizing and it felt sooo good. We have been so disorganized since we moved in October and then with Grace and now we are just trying to get things together. We are trying to find a place for everything and are getting rid of alot of stuff. Last week we purged alot of stuff and gave it away to Big Brothers and we still have more to go. We are now working in the bedroom to get rid of some clothes...we have too much! We are still kind of feeling our way around our townhouse and have decided to change around some of our rooms to better utilize the space we have. I kind of feel that once we get the house organized might feel more organized in my life and have better luck with my eating.....I find sometimes I get so overwhelmed with crap that I sit back and just eat. I am an emotional eater and can't quite kick that yet....something to work on.


  1. There is some candy (licorice) that I just can't have or I will eat the whole bag. Best not to even start ;o)

    I also don't blog (or read blogs) on the weekends. I need a little time away from the computer!

  2. I had that problem with Chips, in order to stay accountable I needed to completely get rid of them, out of my house for good. any form of chips be it flavoured crackers or chips in general.
    If I felt like having something crunchy I would have popcorn a great substitute.
    With Sweets I tend to go for fruit. A great treat is washing grapes and putting them in the freezer and eating them frozen. They take forever to eat and are so yummy, it almost feels like you are eating candy.
    The great part is you are recognizing that it's a problem and trying to work on that. Great work!

  3. Thanks for the tips. We have finished them and now they won't be coming back! I love popcorn and find it a great substitute for just about everything!