Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tried and True

I have been struggling for so long with this extra weight and don't understand why I haven't truly gone back to my roots and really, honestly started Weight Watchers again. A few years ago I lost 38 pounds that way, the only true success I have ever had in my weight battle. I tracked and went to the gym and it worked...so why am I not doing this?

I tried going back when Grace was 3 weeks old, I think it was just too early. I was not ready, I was struggling with a little postpardum and it was too much, too soon. This morning I took a good step and joined a mommy and me "workout" group. It's a walking/exercise thing at the local mall. It was surprisingly a pretty good workout. After the "class" we all stayed and had a drink together and talked. It was nice to have people in similar situations to talk to. I think next week I will just bring more water because I don't want to be spending $5 on a smoothie everytime we are there (I had the low-fat berry-pom from Orange Julius).

I have pulled my old journal out and I am going to start tracking my food again. I need to be accountable, stop eating whatever I think I want and start doing what I know works. I was taking a break from WW because I felt like I was "using" the program because I knew it so well, but really it was just an excuse.....

Here we go again =)


  1. I just found your blog and wanted to give a hug :)
    Sometimes it takes a good while to get your metabolism going in the right direction along with the hormones...believe me I know after having 4 kids!!
    I have just started a blog too and have lost about 7.5 lbs in the last two weeks...check it out and we can support each other!!

  2. Thanks Conny! It is hard, especially when I let the excuses take over =)