Monday, August 23, 2010

Try Again!

My laptop is driving me nuts! Halfway through my post I lost it...grrrrrr!So here we go again! Syl over at LIVE, RUN, SMILE has put out a challenge to do the 30 Day Shred starting September 1st and I am in! This is just what I needed, something to focus on instead of flying by the seat of my pants because it is not working. I almost gave myself free run to go nuts this week! I thought "hey why not start over on the 1st"....that would be stupid, that's why! Why would I let myself get behind again....I know I have had a really bad week with all the crap and celebrating but come on, stop with the cycle! I am going to start the challenge on the first but I am sticking with my start weight from before and the measurements from then too. I will have to take a picture to post, I think I will do that in my workout gear right before I start the first video. To make it work I will have to do it first thing in the morning right after I feed Grace and before I shower! I will take Tuesdays off because that is when I have my mall group and not alot of time in the morning. That will be my only day off during the week and on the weekends I can have Yvon sit with Grace to keep her company while I do the video. Her naps are too unreliable to depend on that.

I had my birthday dinner last night and it was great! Everything was so yummy and the company was nice. I am finding now that I am home on my own so much I get overwhelmed in big's starting to get better but I find I almost need to retreat a little and I am thankful when Grace wants to be fed and we can have some quiet time. I am sure it will get better as I get out more. My brother and fiance got me just what I wanted.....a Magic Bullet!!!!! I really, really wanted one! Does anyone have a good recipe for a smoothie? I can't wait to start using it! I am also going to try my hand at baby food. I would like to make all of Grace's food if I can. I think it would just be better her.

Well tonight I am going to walk over to my inlaws for dinner and I can't wait to spend some more time in the beautiful sun =)

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