Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today we ate the most fabulous cupcakes! Yesterday we were away for the day on Gambier Island. It was my husbands company picnic and it was amazing! One of the owners has a summer "cabin"...more like mansion! The views, the weather....everything was amazing. I even managed to eat well. I got 2 really good days. I tracked and everything. Today is another I said I ate the most amazing cupcakes! One of the girls from the office was telling me about them and I just couldn't resist. We went for a nice walk (a little short, it is just too hot for poor Grace right now)and bought some cupcakes. We couldn't decide which one we wanted so we bought 3 each :p They were all so good, it is a cute place on 4th Ave. in Vancouver called Big City Cupcakes. If you want a treat go there. We have decided we will go no more than once per month for a special treat. I have emailed the company and asked for the nutritional information and I don't think it is going to be something I really want to know, but I know I need to know it....maybe they are fat free? I WISH!!!!!!!!!
Well other than today my restart with WW has gone quite well and tomorrow I will be right back on track eating what I should =) I can say that knowing we were having treats we did have roast chicken and ceasar salad. Doesn't even come close to evening anything out but atleast it was a healthy choice!

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