Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I got my journal back out this morning and I am actually using to track ;) I have not been tracking at all this week and I really notice a difference. I am sitting here waiting for the vet to phone and let me know about Beans....I just really hope everything is okay.....

So last night Hubby and I went out for our Valentine's dinner. I did indulge but didn't go overboard. I even pushed my plate away when I was satisfied and had it wrapped up right away. Still after about an hour I started to feel terrible. I had a pasta with a rose sauce and I think it was just too rich for my tummy. I had a terrible tummy ache and it really made me think about what I had been eating the last few days. My choices haven't been perfect but they haven't been terrible either. I was so proud of myself for stopping when I did - my dad was thrilled I stopped when I did too because that meant lots of left overs for him =) I don't like left overs....I know, it would be so much easier if I did. Hubby loves them but he gave them to my dad as a thank you for watching Grace.

Well today I have decided that I am going to do my Turbo Jam workout when hubby gets home. I was going to do it this morning but I am running short on time so I have decided after hubby is home from work will be best. I am hoping the weather perks up and maybe we can get out for a bit!


  1. I hope your kitty is okay!!!

    I started using my Turbo Jam videos again. I think it's the one clear time I saw a change in my body. So I'm back at it. I think during nap time I'll pop a video in. Good job tracking!

  2. Great job on pushing the plate away when you were full! I've started to do that too and it keeps me from mindlessly eating.

  3. I'm so sorry to heat about Beans- I hope everything is okay!

    Sounds like you're doing great staying on plan, and Congrats on that 2.2 lb loss (sorry I'm a little late)!

  4. I hope beans is ok. You showed will power at dinner unlike my vday binge. Way to track and do tturbo jam.

  5. I hope Beans is ok. Great work on the Valentine's Day mindful eating
    That is awesome.
    What is Turbo Jam?
    Go you!

  6. Weren't you brave and strong at your V Day dinner. Good for you! I am tracking this week. That is my focus. x