Monday, February 21, 2011


Here we are again...Monday morning. I am so jealous of the other provinces and their Family Day - we are behind here in BC! I wish I had hubby home for 1 more day. We had such a nice weekend, we got out for 2 walks on Saturday haircuts on Sunday and a nice family dinner. We got to my parents every Sunday for lunch or dinner and last night they invited my inlaws and my brother and his fiance were back from Mexico and her sister came too! It was nice to see everyone and Grace has so much fun playing with everyone!

So I made some good and some not so great choices this weekend food wise and was happy with my activity level. Today I have thing planned out (I need to get back to meal planning) what I am going to eat and the activity I will get in. I have to miss my SS class again tomorrow to take Grace into the doctor (she has a small bump on her head, kinda like a clear mole?) and the timing just won't work out so I will have to do something else tomorrow. It is going to be nice getting back to it. It is supposed to be really cold this week but it's clear so I am okay with that. No rain means we can get out for a bundled up walk.

We finally heard back from the vet and Beans has an under inflated lung and a low blood count. They don't know what this means so we have to take her back in for blood work in about 2 weeks.

I have booked a time with our photographer for Grace's first birthday portraits. I am going to do my best to not be the same size by then (April 12). My plan is to be active every day until then - here we go!


  1. sounds to me like you have everything in order for a great week!
    Hope the appointment goes well.

  2. I love a good family dinner. You also get a little break from the little one ;)
    I hope beans will be ok. And can't wait to see a pic of graces ist bday pics

  3. That's a great motivator (family pics) Hopefully you'll share with us.