Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inspiration. Motiation

Two very important words in this process. Today I had a whole Debbie Downer post planned and then I started reading blogs and came across this post from Syl. If you are feeling down and out please read this. She is an amazing woman who just keeps going. Why can't I be like this?

I can be like Syl. I just need to do it. So today I am going to do it. I have really been struggling but that is over. I need to stop with all the excuses and just move forward. I have been avoiding setting goals because I find sometimes they seem to send me backwards....well that's done. I can not be afraid anymore, I need to embrace this process and enjoy my life and what I am doing. So here it is, my plan/goals:

  • Stick to my WW points, I will not be eating any of my activity points but I will eat my weekly if I need them
  • I will workout in some capacity every single day - no rest days, some days might just be easy mall walking but I will be moving
  • I am going to start the C25K this weekend (I need hubby to help with the IPOD)
  • I will be down 165 by Grace's first birthday April 12 (all baby weight gone!)
  • I will be 160 by the time we go to Vegas May 16
So there it is....this is what I have to do for myself, this is what I can do.


  1. Thanks for the shout out ;-).
    The best gift we can give ourselves is to be honest and fight for what you want!

  2. Love your goals!! All do-able!!

  3. I had this lightbulb moment last week. Since friday I have watched my calories, worked out every day, drank water and have only had two diet sodas (that's a freaking record) I am stoked for my friday weigh in. Someone said its not rocket science you just have to do it

    You will hit your goals!

  4. You are going to rock it. Don't stress yourself out too much, just do your best and you'll be fine! Before you know it your baby will be a year old and you'll be a smokin hot momma!

  5. I have been the same way in the past with my goals - they always seem to send me backwards too. Weird! I am not accepting that anymore either. You can definitely do it :)