Monday, February 28, 2011

Taking Action

So I was excited to go to WI on Saturday. It was very short lived when I saw a 1.8 gain. I skipped my WI the week before because I just did not want to deal with a gain, I had weighed myself at home and this is actually about a 1 pound loss from then. I am not proud of this but I didn't want to report this until I had made up my mind. What my SIL said to me last week has kind of stuck with me....I have been making excuses as to why I can't get back to the gym. I am not willing to give up more than an hour of fmaily time...regardless if it is an excuse or not. One of my girlfriends had a thing on facebook about doing her second circuit at 30 minute me thinking. This gym is right by where I work and on my husbands way home from work. I am going at 11:45 today to give it a try...fingers crossed that I like it! My mom is going to come and meet me so she can walk around with Grace. If I like it I will go Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then I will do my stroller class or a walk or run on my off days and the weekend. 

I did not let my gain run my weekend and even managed to eat quite well. The surprise engagement party went really well and we had a good time. I had to run home and put Grace to bed, she was having nothing to do with anyone else doing it. Gotta work on that before Vegas! Yesterday my SIL invited my mom and I to join her and her mom while she made her final decision on her wedding dress (the wedding is August 13), she has picked a beautiful lace dress - her face just lit up when she had it on.

Have a good Monday!


  1. Good thinking, don't let one weigh in ruin your whole weekend. Formulate a new plan and keep on pushing! I need to remind myself that more often then not. We'll get there.

  2. I'm so glad you didn't let that ruin your weekend and have decided to try the gym! I feel the same about family time- it's a priority to me, because I'll never get this time with my son back. I also feel that making time to take care of myself is just as important though, because I don't want my time with my family cut short from not taking care of myself. Balance is important!

  3. Good for you for not letting a number ruin your weekend!

    Just wanted you to know that I have added a giveaway to today's post if you want to come back and check it out. I know you already commented, but I added it just now ;-).

  4. Well you should think of that as a loss. If you had weighed in last week, this week would be a loss, right? Good for you for finding time to exercise! Altho... if you don't like it, still keep at it. No one likes working out, its just something you gotta do :)

  5. You sound like you have a good plan in place. I hope you like the gym! Some weeks we lose and some we gain- but it's the big picture that counts!