Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pay Off!!!!!

I am so excited to report a 2.2 loss! I finally feel like the hard work of the last 3 weeks has paid off! I have been tracking, weighing/measuring and just trying to make better choices. I have even indulged a couple of times. I am so happy with this loss =D I couldn't stop smiling the whole meeting.

Well I am not sure what today holds for me except that we are going for a hamburger for dinner tonight and I am excited! I love Fat Burger and it will be nice to get out for something dinner. We don't go here often because it is very expensive for "fast food". Tonight we also have a Canucks game, it should be a great game against Calgary and they are going to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Olympics here in Vancouver! I know a lot of people thought they were a waste but I loved them and really enjoyed going to a couple of hockey games! We even got to see Canada beat Germany in person! That was the most exciting thing. We had bought tickets to this game not knowing who would be playing (it was after qualifications) and we actually got a Canada game!

Well I am off to enjoy my weekend - I hope you guys do the same!