Saturday, February 19, 2011


So today I skipped my WI. I went to the meeting just didn't get on the scale. I didn't want to make it official that I had gained again....I have managed to get myself back on track just not soon enough. I am going to put my scale away and just weigh on Saturday mornings at my meeting. We talked about this in our meeting today and the leader said for her that she used to use it as a gauge as to what she could get away with eating made me realize that I am also doing this. So away the scale goes...I am going to hide it in the closet.

Last night when hubby got home from work (late again...) we bundled Grace up and walked up to Subway to pick up dinner. The route we take makes for about a 1 hour walk. The weather has been great but it has been cold! Today we are going to go for a walk and then pick up a new cell phone for hubby. We are going to head into downtown Vancouver to look through the Olympic Athletes Village. They are selling off the condos that all the athletes stayed in and I am just curious to see what they are like. They are in a beautiful area, right on the water and they are SO expensive! They want something like $470 thousand for under 600 square feet!

We bought our townhouse and renovated it fully for less than that and it's 3 floors and 1800 square feet! Pricing here is just so crazy! We want to buy a house eventually but we have some serious saving to do! Well we are just waiting for Grave to wake up from her nap so we can take off on our walk! Have a great weekend!


  1. Good job being back on track!! I love bundling Devin up and getting out. Hope Subway was yummy!! Housing, augh, here in CA everyone bought during the boom and now everyones home values have dropped so no on can qualify to refinance their homes because there house doesn't appraise at what they still owe. Nice huh!
    good for you for putting the sclae away. I always say I can't do that. That will have to be a challenge for this daily weigher when im ready ;)

  2. I worked at the Village while it was going up and was shocked at how small some of the suites are, especially the bedrooms. And by what I thought were cheap looking kitchen cupboards, even in the high-end units.

    Anyway, has anyone talked to you about the importance of restoring your body's hormone balance to its pre-baby level, where losing weight after pregnancy's concerned? If this was never straightened out it could still be making an impact. If you'd like some details you can read might help you.

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    Best of luck.

  3. Susie - housing is just stupid! YOu can put the scale away when you are ready ;)

    Thanks Bill! I will check this out for sure as no one had ever mentioned it to me. The cupbaords are terrible!

  4. way to get back on track. My hubby would never take a 1 hour walk before dinner that rocks!!