Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bit by Bit

I am starting to feel better. I took a walk today and didn't hack uncontrollably, that's a win in my book.

So my steak turned out great last night! The potatoes I made left a little to be desired, I guess that's a good thing so I didn't feel like having too much! Tonight I picked up some chicken pot pie at the save on foods. They make them fresh with their rotisserie chicken. I have never bought them before but they smell amazing! I am going to toss them in the oven to reheat them and make a spinach salad to have with it. I am sure you have noticed that I am slightly obsessed with spinach salad right now. What I do is use baby spinach, carrot, cucumber and snap peas with some goat cheese and a balsamic dressing. Goat cheese is super low in points and so yummy!

After dinner and Grace's bath we are going to park ourselves on the couch and watch the Canucks game and maybe even book our trip to Vegas =)


  1. Love Vegas! Love spinach! :)

  2. Oooh vegas, jealous!! Plus lots of walking when you're there

    No way the code word for this was POKER lol

  3. Mm, that salad sounds delish! (Execpt the peas).

  4. I made potatoes tonight and they didn't turn out either. Must be bad potato in the air! :)

    Can I go with you to Vegas? How fun!

  5. That salad sounds good! I need to try some goat cheese.

    Oh and I loooove Vegas! You should make that a reward for losing a set amount of weight.