Friday, February 25, 2011

Walking Machine

That was me yesterday. We are coming into a terrible cold snap and I wanted to get out while I could. I went to visit my cousin and her son yesterday in the morning and then a walk to my inlaws in the afternoon. Today it is too cold to be venturing out with Grace for more than into the car and back. They are saying we might get snow tomorrow! I want to play with Grace in the snow now that she is more mobile!

We are going to spend the day with my mom today. We are going to look for new runners for me - my mom found a place where she thinks I could get some good advice on runners. After that I think we will head over to one of the malls so we can walk around and get a bit of activity in. I am not sure what the weekend will be like but we do have a surprise engagement party for some of our friends on Saturday night, I am looking forward to seeing some people that I haven't seen in a while and socializing without baby. Well Grace is coming for the first little bit because my brother and SIL to be are registering tomorrow so they can't be there early enough for us to make the surprise. I am a little nervous about someone else putting Grace to bed because it hasn't gone well so far. I think it'll be okay because I am working on a bottle but we are only 5 minutes away so if I need to run home and put her to bed it's no big deal.

Thank you so much for all of your comments yesterday. I can usually let it roll of my back but not that time. I am happy I didn't let it be an excuse to over eat or anything and I am actually looking forward to seeing what the scale says tomorrow. It's more exciting since I haven't been weighing myself. I am not sure that it will be great because I was "off" for about 9 days and only a couple of really good eating and activity, but it will be better than if I had stayed "off".

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I hope Grace goes to bed easily so you can stay and enjoy the party! GREAT job with all the walking!

  2. Enjoy the party, good luck with your weigh in. Way to be back on track.

  3. Just found your blog. You are doing awesome girl. We all have days where we struggle. Just keep at it. Have fun at the party! =)

  4. I always get outside when the weather is nice enough to be out there, too! Hope everything went well! :)

  5. Hang in there.. I know how frustrating a gain can be, but if you do the activity the # will budge eventually.
    Have you tried any home videos, like the shred? Tae Bo? I found these 2 very useful and still come back to them when I’m short on time.
    Glad you still had a great weekend :}