Sunday, February 13, 2011


I do not know what is wrong with me....I had a good week and a great loss and then I just went off the rails. I have been eating all weekend! I am not celebrating....I don't know what I am doing. I am back on track from this second.

So yesterday I decided I would try and make a healthier choice at Fat Burger and got the turkey burger. It is 3 points less and not worth it! The actual burger is worth the points but this turkey one was not! It's a good thing I got it for free with the punch card. Sometimes the inlaws will take us and they let us get the stamps =)

So we didn't get Vegas booked either, my parents have offered to let us use some of their points that they don't want so I need to be able to speak to someone at the company to make sure I am doing it right. I am also weighing my options of just paying for the trip because it is such a good deal already and saving the points for another vacation.....I don't know!

Grace has not been herself the last day or two.....I think she may be cutting a tooth? She cried trough her whole bath and made hubby feel bad (he does bath time). I hope she either cuts the tooth or I can figure out what is wrong if it isn't that. Our poor kitty Beans is also sick right now - hubby had to take her to the vet and now we have to call in tomorrow for the results of her blood work....I hope it's nothing.


  1. The turkey burget at FB has close to 1275 mg of sodium, if you had fries with that that's another 700 or so, I'm guessing it probably has 30 g of fat? add a soft drink and that's probably why the title of this post is WTF!

    I'm a burger guy and I also eat this kind of stuff BUT I follow the body for life method where you get 1 free day per week, and that's usually when you find me eating a Triple King :)

  2. Sounds like my weekend! You can do this! STAY focused!

  3. Hope that your kitty is ok and that your daugther is back to herself soon!

    I go through times where I don't eat the best food either- but as long as you get back on track- that's what is important.