Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl =p

I hate football. I don't understand it and I just don't enjoy watching it. I was happy to hear that since he wasn't feeling 100% he was going to stay home with me and Grace. We went to my parents for brunch and then to the mall to pick up a humidifier - I want to be prepared in case Grace gets the terrible cough we both have.

I am craving McDonald's like CRAZY today. Well the last few days....I am not sure if I should give in and just use some of my weekly points or see if it will go away! I wish it would just go away - a week of craving this is bad enough. I know I am strong enough to just get over it but I am not sure that I really want to. I have to admit that I enjoy the taste of McDonald's, I know there is nothing healthy about it and that it is not even real food but that doesn't seem to matter to me. It has been over a month since we last had it and until now I haven't even thought about it. We are trying not to eat fast food (other than Subway) and decided that if we wanted it occasionally ( no more than once per month) that we would allow it.

Do you have any "bad" food choices that you can't or don't want to kick? 


  1. Diet soda! I never drank it before I started dieting-but I drink it alot because it works really well for me to fill up my hungry tummy. And let's face it-I'm hungry ALOT of the time. I know it is bad for tooth enamel and digestion, plus who knows that artificial sweetener really does...McDonald's is sinister stuff-is there a slightly less bad alternative you could trade down to?

    Polar's Mom

  2. ugh girl I had the worst day with craving yesterday.. I love me some beer and of course when I´m drinking it my self control goes out the window and here comes the bar food! hang in there. I wish I wouldn´t have had it. :(

  3. Ice Cream and chocolate pudding! What we've done is gone for healthier versions of both of these. That means I only make my pudding from scratch (it's super easy and with the milk, reduced sugar and eggs make it pretty healthy for my baby) and when we buy ice cream we have to be able to pronounce all the ingredients. Meaning no chemicals and garbage in it, just cream, eggs, milk, sugar, etc... So I find that when I really want something like that I don't feel so bad because it means I am at least getting real food and not fake garbage.

    So every now and then it's not bad to give in but make sure it's really worth it and that you enjoy it.

  4. I was just saying to hubs today that it has been 3 months since I had McDonald's. That is amazing for me considering before we moved back down south, I was eating it at minimum, once per week. I have to say that I do love McDonald's too (damn french fries!!) but I really have not missed it as of yet.

    I think that we all have our "bad food" loves that we just don't want to say no to. I think that if you have been craving it for a few days and it isn't going away that maybe it is worth using some weekly points and having a bit - especially if that means that you are not going to go off on a binge on other food that you really don't want.

  5. I'm with Polar's Mom.. I don't care what they say, I will always have my diet sodas.. Living on plain water alone is boring and I couldn't do it.. and of course, McDonald's will always be a place I want to go to..

  6. I have too many bad food habits to list! I didn't get to be over 300 pounds by eating salads all day. LOL

    What is it that you are really craving from McDonald's? If you get the grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo) and the apples/yogurt then it isn't so bad. But if you want a Big Mac then you are screwed. :)

  7. How or what do you 'crave' from McDonalds, their food is not that good... yuck! work at a Mcdonald's for 2 weeks and all your cravings will go away..

    Good luck


  8. I love McDonald's too! I can't kick that craving yet! And here's what I do to fool myself as if I'm not really eating it...I order the SW Grilled Chicken Salad with an unsweetened iced tea....then I nibble at my kids chicken nuggets and french fries! And I rarely log it in my WW food tracker.

  9. I haven't had McDonald's (other than the grilled Caesar salad) since November I think.. I really don't miss it either, even if the fries smell awesome! If you're craving something that bad, I say indulge in moderation, and then stick to your no more than once a month plan.

    My thing is Muddy's cupcakes.. I won't even make cupcakes anymore (because I'd rather go buy just 1 rather than have 24 sitting in the house!). They use a lot of organic stuff, and even make vegan cupcakes.