Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well I am very embarrassed to admit that I gained 3.2 pounds over the last 2 weeks. I actually thought it was going to be worse but it still makes me sad. Sad that I need to lose those 3.2 pounds all over again! What a waste. I guess that is why I need the plan. I was disappointed that we didn't go over the new plan in my meeting today, I guess it is starting later in Canada. I am intrigued to try something that is kinda new, maybe it will help me amp it up.

So I have decided that my weeks will start on Sunday, I still want that "treat" day on Saturday's and I think I would prefer that it was the end of my week, not the beginning.  I had hubby check and my video has been shipped and I am really hoping it gets here soon, I am excited to try something new! Turbo Jam here I come!


  1. I soooo feel you today. I seriously can't stop eating and I don't know why. I am not eating any cheat foods for my plan but I am eating a heck of alot of food and I just know I am going to be up again tomorrow. We ate fajitas last night which always make me gain but I am still under what I should weigh. We will see.

    BTW Turbo Jam is the freaking bomb. I love love love that workout video and you will have fun!

  2. You'll get it off this week, I believe in you! I know how much it sucks to see it on the scale though, even when it's less than you imagined.

  3. Thanks! It's been a rough two weeks but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel again =)

  4. I'm sure that those 3.2 lbs are water weight- you'll be just fine!