Monday, November 29, 2010


I just wrote a post and lost I must start all over again and remember what I was talking about!

Okay....I think I started with what my goals are for the next few months - under 170 by Christmas, under 160 by Valentines Day and under 150 by Grace's first birthday (April 12). I think these are pretty reasonable and not too aggressive. I just need to put the work in and I can achieve them, I know I keep saying this but I am hoping if I keep repeating myself it will sink in!

My eating has been on track so far today and tomorrow I am going to post what I ate and for how many points. I think this will help keep me accountable and now that I am tracking again it is possible. Tracking is so important to my success, I have even pretracked a bit for today and even preplanned exactly what is for dinner. This is big for me and I am not a great planned, I usually have an idea but wait until hubby is home and see what he thinks, today I have made a decision and I am sticking with it! I am going to my parents to meet my brother for lunch and so he can play with Grace (he is the best uncle ever). I am going to hop on the treadmill while they play as my dvd hasn't come yet and I need something to do on my days off from SS. I am looking forward to getting back at SS tomorrow - last week was so bad weather wise - I actually really missed going and getting that workout, I am starting to really love working out again.

I am still working on those tabs - I want one for tracking my weight and measurements and one for some progress pics. Until then I leave you with a picture of Grace's first snowfall!


  1. Grace is adorable!
    I love goals, but may I suggest you work on them one at a time, seems to be a little less overwhelming that way, alteast I find. Just makes it easier when you focus on one.

  2. Aww! Grace is so cute! And loving the snow, from the looks of things.. :)

    I'm right there with ya on the tracking thing.. and now that they've changed all the points stuff, I gotta figure out if I want to follow the new WW or old.. hmm..

  3. I am a new follower! Wishing you the best of luck in your journey.

  4. Thanks FAB!

    Syl - I think you may be right, I don't want to get overwhelmed!

    Sarah - Try the new one and see how it goes, if you don't like it, switch back - you have to do what works for you.

    Thanks Anna!

  5. First, Grace is just precious!!!!

    I'm so proud of you getting back to tracking things- and planning ahead is golden!! Keep it up girl!

  6. omigosh.. Grace is just adorable!!!! You´re goals are do-able.. I agree with one at a time, but it´s great to have the overall picture as well. Good Luck.

  7. Such a cute picture of Grace!! I think posting what you eat everyday will really help you stay accountable. I know it works for me!