Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Love Sundays!

Today has been a great Sunday (minus the Canucks loss). I did really good in my eating even with going to the States for some shopping and having a little dessert. We went across the line to get our Christmas turkey (great sale for Thanksgiving) and were very disappointed to find that the turkey delivery was late and we must have missed the last few by a couple of minutes. I am going to have to go back down tomorrow, we just don't get good deals like that here. We also went to the mall and I got some great sparkley flats and some workout clothes at Target. We actually bought very little, the prices almost seem to go up a little before Black Friday. Maybe when Grace is a little older my mom and I will start going to Black Friday again...for now she is too small for all those line ups and I can't leave her for too long as she is still on the boob.

Last night I took the time to potion out the chips and pretzels I bought the other day, it is amazing how easy and quick it is and how it will save me when I am in a munchy mood, I can't just mindlessly eat them. I have a portion  and that is all I get. I got back on the scale this morning and that .4 was gone, now I just need to keep it gone and work on the rest. I really want my dvd to come tomorrow! I am so anxious to try it.....GET HERE!!!!!

Tomorrow I am going to start a new portion of my post and post what I have eaten for the day, I think it will help keep me honest and maybe seeing it on here will make me see where the holes are in my eating. On Saturday at my meeting I asked about the new plan and found out that we (canadians) don't get to start the new plan until December 11. I was hoping we would be the same as everyone else as I am looking forward to the change, I think it will help me to refocus...


  1. I'm glad that you decided to do the daily posting of what you eat.. I feel like it's helping me.. I hope it helps you.. :)

    And when ya find out the new rules, will ya let us WW non-members know? When is it supposed to change for US members?

  2. The US changes just after Thanksgiving. I will post the main changes.