Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Body Image

The above is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. The day I delivered my daughter I was 200 pounds and without much work I lost the first 20 or so, it just seemed to fall off from my body returning to "normal" and nursing. I thought this would be easy.....Silly girl! I went back to WW way too soon the first time and in my eyes failed, now I am getting more sleep and I am in a much better space mentally which makes a huge difference. On Sunday my brother and his fiance came over for dinner and to see the little skunk. My SIL (close enough) asked if I had lost weight (she doesn't hand out compliments very easily) and it made me feel really good. Earlier in the day all of our parents had come by to see the costume and have a cuddle. My MIL took some pictures of all of us and said she would email them. I was feeling pretty good after my compliments until I checked my email to see those pictures.....I looked horrible. I am not the kind of person who is motivated by that...it kinda pushes me back. I know that I can do this, that next year I will look better in those photos. I am trying not to miss the first year of my daughters life, I want it to look like I was hear not always hiding I just don't want to look at those pictures.

Oh well, onwards and downwards ;) I learned last night that I need to leave myself a couple of points for after swimming lessons. I am hungry when I get home! I had to dip into my extra for a couple of points for a snack. We dunked our face with no tears yesterday and I was so proud. My hubby is going to go in the pool and I am excited to see how much fun he has! My eating for the rest of the day was good and I used the swimming lessons as my activity. I think today I will try and get a walk in outside as the rain seems to have stopped!


  1. I’m sure those pictures are not as bad as your think.. why is it that we are always on own worst judges? I’m the same way, but you’re right, you don’t want to hide. Maybe if you do the hair and makeup, you’ll feel prettier and exude it as well, but I know sometimes that’s hard when you have so much to do.. actually I need to start taking my own advice too lol.
    Swimming lessons sounds like so much fun! Have a great day.

  2. That's always a downer when you think that you look awesome than see something that doesn't make you feel the same. You just gotta psyche yourself out and think, "This means I have to work harder!" Don't let it bring you down.
    Sounds like swimming is a blast!

  3. Thanks! I think I need to take some more time for myself and maybe do a little hair and make up from time to time =)

  4. We are our own worst critics.. and no matter what, pictures taken by others (aka non-professionals) will never look as good as the ones we take ourselves..

    Hell, I've learned the exact angle to put the camera at to make my (diminishing) double chin just magically disappear.. lol.. and I make sure to control the camera if I can.. ;)

    Good job for not letting it totally ruin your day though.. That's always tough, as I'm about to talk about kinda the same thing in my entry today..

    OH! Did you see online that WW is changing the way they are doing things?? My mom showed it to me, and it sounds like it's a good thing.. :)

  5. I hate it when that happens, when someone tells me how good I look and then I see myself in a picture and hate myself. :( It's not a good feeling. Try to find something positive though, there's always something!

  6. Thanks again! You guys are great! I will have to check out the changes!