Thursday, November 18, 2010


First I am going to post the blog hop link:

Now the rest of my post. I have been pretty quiet lately as I have not had alot to say. I am not eating my best and I am a little embarrassed to come on here and admit it. It is amazing how I can come on here and read a post that I could have sworn I wrote but it is someone else, feeling the same way I am and struggling with alot of the same things. I see so many of us struggling and on the flip side so many great success stories. I want to be one of those success stories.....In order to make that happen I need to start trying harder, stop eating so much junk and just get with it. I just watched a video on the new points program and I am really excited to switch things up. I know I am not eating enough fruits and vegetables and that needs to change. I honestly used to avoid fruits to a degree because of their points value and wanting that for something else.

I am still waiting for my video to come in the mail and I had to miss my SS on Tuesday. I was so disappointed to not be able to go but I got a desperate call from work (yes, I am on a full year mat leave) to please come in and help them out for a couple of hours. I took Grace and off we went, I did a couple hours Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. I don't think I will do this again. I am going back in April and that's enough =)

Well I am off to SS today and really need this, after that it is grocery shopping and then dinner at the inlaws.


  1. I feel ya on the eating issues.. I totally have them too.. I've heard that WW is re-vamping their program to make most fruits and veggies 0 points! I can't wait to see that happen, because I think most people (me included) are the same way as you say you are.. :)

  2. I heard they're changing the fruits and veggies thing, not sure if I'm going to like it or not honestly. A banana still has 90 calories in it, whether you track it or not. I try to make most of my snacks fruit already though, so it hasn't been an issue for me. I can see how it would really benefit a lot of people that struggle with it though. I'm sorry you're having a tough time right now, I'm here if you need someone to talk to! Hugs!