Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 1

Here we go, this is what I ate yesterday:

2 slices toast with pb + a skiff on nutella with 1 cup of milk
Fiber 1 bar
grilled cheese with 2 pb cookies
Baked ketchup chips
Chicken (roughly 5 oz. - I forgot to measure)
Mashed potatoes + cesar salad
more ketchup chips
2 coke ceros (not together) and 6 16oz. glasses of water.

There it is, that is what I ate yesterday and it is seriously lacking in fruits and veggies. I did go shopping yesterday and bought some so that will be more prevalent in todays food! This is a total of 41 points (I get 35 because of nursing). I also earned to AP's on the treadmill (boy did that feel great!) to have my total at 39.

So a couple of days ago I was reading someones blog (I can't remember right now) and they were talking about looking at themselves naked in the mirror and what they said to themselves, it wasn't pretty and boy can I relate. I look at myself on the way into the shower every morning and every morning have the same conversation over and over again. I don't know why we feel the need to beat ourselves down, it doesn't help. I am trying to find things I like to focus on so I am not starting my day off in the negative. One more thing to work on.....

Yesterday I was inspired by Syl over at http://www.livesmilerun.com/, she is amazing! She was on holiday and braved wearing such a beautiful dress and she looked amazing. She has come so far and that is what I want. In her pictures you can see the evolution of her smile - I want that....I will have that. IF you don't read her already you should check her out.

I have again planned dinner for tonight and will pick up the steaks after my SS class - yay planning!

I forgot to say thank you for all your comments on Grace =) I also posting some current pics.....


  1. If it's hard to get started on saying something nice to your naked self in the mirror - a good one is always:

    "This body nurtured, grew and birthed a beautiful child."

  2. I read Syl's blog too, she is definitely inspiring. I also had a hard time saying nice things to myself so I started out with just taking better care of myself. It is like everything else - one step at a time and all the good things add up and make a real difference! Thanks so much for your comment on my last post :)

  3. I need to work on being more positive about myself too. I'm constantly cutting myself down. I have to make an effort not to do that and ask Hubby to correct me when I do, too. I can relate!

  4. That is a great comment FAB - I need to remember that.

    We all need some help with this!

  5. I love FAB's suggestion, I may use that myself!!