Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I need to start drinking more water! I do really good for a while and then I just seem to drop off again. I think I am going to start posting some eating stats in my posts to help keep me honest. I will start tomorrow morning and post what I ate today.

I had a better day yesterday, not perfect but it was an improvement from last week. I am still struggling right in the middle of the day with "binge" eating. I am not sure if it has to do with nursing or if it is an emotional thing. I talked to my mom about it and she thought it might be a "lonely" thing. I am not really along during the day, it's just me and Grace (almost 7 months old!) from about 7 until 4:15 or so. It's not too long of a day but when you are always kind of on it gets tiring and I think that may be what leads to this. I find myself grabbing things like chocolate, baked chips and anything else kinda snacky we seem to have around the house. I am thinking I may go to the naturopath to make sure it's not something else. I keep trying to add a little more something to my lunch but it doesn't seem to help. As soon as my daughter goes down for her nap I seem to go "hunting" for crap to eat. I am going to work on this today and maybe have something ready and then that's it.....

Well I have stroller strides this morning and I can't wait to get a good workout in!


  1. I can imagine that being around adults is something that no mother gets a lot of.. but DEFINITELY should.. Wonder if there are an Mommy and Me groups where you live..

    Oh, and I'm so with you on the food thing.. I am thinking of doing the exact same thing.. Hope we do well with it.. :)

  2. It's so easy to get in that cycle of snacking on less than healthy things. I know what that's like! Try replacing them with something like a fruit smoothie- satisfying and filling!