Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well feeling as negative as I do right now I am not going to dwell. I am still overdoing it in the food department and can't seem to get past breakfast and my fist snack for tracking. I need a plan. I think I am going to have hubby check my tracker at the end of every night, that way I have to fill it out. It makes such a huge difference for me when I am tracking.

I am looking for a turbo kick dvd to buy, Laura over at has inspired me to try it. I need to try putting the Babe is her exersaucer and just doing a dvd, she'll probably have fun just watching me! I need to make my weight loss a priority and stop wasting time and money! I think from now on when I buy things that aren't pre-portioned I am going to have to do that when I bring them in the house, it doesn't take a lot of time so why not.

Does anyone have a new recipe or blog to follow that you can recommend? 


  1. oh yep. totally hearing you. I am terrible for tracking mainly because I eat or drink things that I am not proud of so don't want to write it down = nuts! Stopping by from the blog hop

  2. I hated tracking too, but I found an app for my phone that makes it kind of (dare I say?) fun. Everything is included. Weight tracker, point calculator, food tracker etc. Maybe that could work for you?
    Tracking is the only way it works for me. Otherwise I underestimate what I eat and overestimate how much I move. It keeps me honest. Plus, It's nice when you hit a plateau to be able to go back to a week you lost big and redo that week. It usually helps me boost my weight loss.

  3. I hate tracking but that was the only thing that kept me in line. I was pretty sure there was something wrong with my brain when at the end of the week I would gain weight yet I had stayed within my points in my head. LOL! I loooove ignoring little bites as tastes as points, half the time saying to myself, "it is so small there are no points." Ha! Maybe try making a short goal to track for one day, that is it, just one day and see how it goes.

    have you been to Gina's Weight Watcher recipes at If you haven't you should! I absolutely love all of her recipes, so much flavor yet still reasonable on points!

  4. Just small steps is all it takes. :) You know I'm going to reccomend Hungry Girl, right? lol Seriously though- check out her site. She has a daily email. Simple recipes. And as a Mom, I'm sure you'll love how fast and easy her recipes are!

  5. I'm sorry you're having a rough week, sending hugs! I find a lot of good ones on the Cooking Light website, and I got 2 new cookbooks for my birthday. Now Eat This by Rocco Dispirito has some great ones in it, lower than WW. I'll post the recipes we tried this week soon!