Sunday, October 24, 2010


Where has it gone? It has been a busy weekend and I am very please to announce that I was down 1.6! This is a total loss of 2.2, I'll get there eventually! I was so happy with that considering I did have company the night before the WI and without thinking I served ham! Not my best choice because of the sodium but it was okay. I was really proud of myself this week because I worked hard and it showed! I did great with dinner and even indulged in the yummiest dessert ever! I made a peanut butter brownie pie...mmmmm. So not diet food but when you just have a small piece it is not that bad. You can make it lighter but when I try something for the first time I like to try and follow the recipe. I have not been as active as I would have like this weekend but I have gotten a couple of small walk in and that is better then nothing. We got a new leader at WW and I don't think I am going to like her, she has no control over the meeting and doesn't really know how to read people. She kept pestering the 2 men in our meeting when they clearly did not want to be spoken to. I am going to give it a couple more weeks and if it doesn't change I will have to figure something else out. i like attending meeting and wanted to stick with one that would still be easy to attend when I head back to work in 5 1/2 months.

I am feeling so much better, my nose has finally stopped running and I can see clearly now ;)

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